Monday, May 2, 2011

Off-Day Homework.

I know there are a lot of people out there who are not fond of the musical shift at Target Field this season. [Just because we all hated that stupid GB Leighton video, doesn't mean we wanted to dump ALL the local music. Sheesh.]

If you have an opinion about it, here's a good place to voice it (along with the feedback form to send to the Twins).

Or we can all just keep booing the Beiber loudly and hope they get the message that way. Maybe that will work eventually.

And if you do like the change, (ie you have ever said "I simply do not hear enough Black Eyed Peas at professional sporting events, dammit!") let them know that too. And let me know...because I do not actually believe in your existence.

Then go complain about the song you never want to hear again at the ballpark here.


Jeremiah said...

Thanks for posting that. I've been a bit too vocal on Twitter without mentioning his name, but it's nice to know I'm nowhere near the only one.

Curly said...

BTW, welcome back!