Sunday, May 1, 2011

How Bad Are We?

We're currently going through a little bit of a rough patch (much in the same way that the Titanic hit a small bump) right now.

It's less painful if we own the suck. It's almost empowering if we just accept and embrace it, I think.

We know that record-wise, we are the worst team in baseball right now. But just how bad are we?

Let's check the info-graphic.

And there's the silver lining. Goodbye Bandwagon-jumpers, don't let the door hit you on the way out. I hear Colorado is nice this time of year.


Kristina said...

That is, perhaps the only silver lining. So sad... my dad keeps trying to tell me the suckage is due to all our multiple injuries... but I really have to wonder at what point it's because of holes in the lineup and at what point we are just sucking. Having Joe and Delmon would only do so much to cut into the double-digits the bullpen has been allowing with alarming frequency.

Erin said...

Yay, this means I won't get stuck sitting next to some d-bag in skinny jeans and a Morneau shirsey who thinks he's gonna impress me by 'splainin' how baseball works.

Sarah said...

Kristina,there was a point before the season when I kind of wondered if MLB rules had changed to eliminate the bullpen entirely. Because that was the only explanation for a lack of concern for making sure we actually had bullpen pitchers. Turns out the rules didn't change. Huh.

Erin, you make me giggle.