Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Guest Poster Tricia: "Standing Room Only Doesn't Mean What You Think"

Today we welcome guest-poster Trica, whom many of you may already know as the co-creator of the semi-retired Twins Sisters blog.


When you buy a standing room only ticket at Target Field, you don't get to lean on the railing of the Twins dugout, chew bubble gum and converse with Joey, Justin and Nicky.

You don't get to stand next to first base, shoot the breeze with Jerry White and pat the guys' backs when they hit a single or draw a walk.

You don't get to stand in the third base box while Scott Ullger tutors you on the finer points of coaching third, and wave your arms for the players to run home, go, go go!

No, standing room only actually means you don't get an assigned seat and therefore must stand the entire game. Who knew?

My sister and I went to Target Field on Sunday to see Frankie and the Bullpen (That would be a cool name for a rock band!) shut out the poor sad Mariners. We were both bent out of shape that we could only get standing room tickets from the box office. Still, we wanted to go to a game so much it was almost physically painful, so standing room it was.

We wandered around a bit, looking for a good place to stand. We started on the lower level. It sounds weird, but that's not the best place to be. The overhang blocks the scoreboard, and it doesn't feel like being outside, standing under that cement deck. We asked an usher, and she said to go all the way to the top and stand behind home plate there. She was right. It was a great place. There weren't a ton of people standing there. We had a birds eye view of the whole field. We could see the ump signal balls and strikes. We could tell when a ground ball would turn into a double play. We could see the dejected Mariners slink away from the plate in disgust when Frankie struck 'em out and sat 'em down.

We participated in the game like we would've if we were sitting in cushy seats. We cheered for the players, we screamed with glee when Kubel hit the three run double, we sang Take Me Out to the Ballgame, we implored the bullpen pitchers not to waste Frankie's excellent game. I admit, it wouldn't have been as much fun if the Twins had lost, but no game is quite as much fun when our boys lose.

My legs were tired at the end, but I'm glad we went. The game was a blast, and I would buy a standing room only ticket again.


Meet Tricia: A baseball fan in general, a lifelong Twins fan in particular. Took a break in the 90s, what with working nights, and then living in Iowa, no cable TV. Moved back to Minnesota when the team started getting good again. Coincidence? You decide! Teaching my son to be a baseball fan extraordinaire. The best baseball game ever was a little league one. Tying run on third, winning run on second, and our pitcher got the third out to advance the team to the AAA championship round. Would about die of joy if the Twins ever won the World Series again.

Interesting in writing a guest-post or two for Inquire within.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Boof-watch 2010, Part II

OK, seriously?

THREE straight complete games for Oakland starting pitchers since Boof got called up to the bullpen.

Dear Oakland,

If I am going against all of my natural instincts and trying to have warm fuzzy feelings for you and your hideous white shoes, you need to meet me half-way. I am not watching your games to see pitchers I DON'T love. You need to throw me a bone. If not Boof, you should at LEAST let Craig Breslow pitch a 9th inning once in a while.

My god.

I can't keep this up.

Love (or something like that),

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Here are some bullet points about the trade deadline, mostly because I have decided I cannot be bothered to invent transitional sentences that make sense.
  • I love this analysis of Matt Capps from my friend Trudi in Pittsburgh. No one knows Matt Capps like Pirates fans know Matt Capps:
    Congratulations on the Matt Capps acquisition! I recommend stocking up on Prilosec and valium now -- you'll need them later, especially when the race to the playoffs starts. Capps isn't particularly good under pressure, and he tends to throw the same fastball in the same location over and over and over and over, which means that by the fourth iteration it's sailing over his head and into the seats. (If I had a nickel for every PNC Park invocation of the old Bull Durham quote: "Anything that flies that far should have a stewardess on it!" I'd be a wealthy woman!) But, the good news is that he's a good guy -- polite to kids and old ladies, funny, good for a quote or two, active in the community. He prays before he pitches and he likes country music, beer and pizza. Hopefully, he fits in with your crowd up there.
  • Like I said, I like Matt Capps. However, as someone who had him on multiple fantasy rosters last year (OUCH, btw), I am keeping expectations realistic.
  • In the lists of winners and losers during this season's trade deadline festivities, everyone seems to be leaving out one of the obvious losers: US, as a people. Because Jarrod Saltalamacchia went to a team whose jerseys are sans surnames. This is a travesty. What a waste of a freakishly long name. Ugh.
  • I panicked for about an hour Saturday morning, after hearing that the Pirates were calling Jeff Clement back up from AAA. There were rumors of a possible Garrett Jones trade. I put on one of my Jones Pirates player t-shirts, lit some candles and did some chanting while visualizing Primanti Bros sandwiches. Result: Garrett Jones remains a Pirate. You're welcome, Pittsburgh.
  • Obviously, my favorite move of deadline day was NOT one of the flashy trades. Nope. Boof Bonser got called up by Oakland on Saturday. So now I have to watch all the Oakland games too. (And naturally, since Boof's call-up to the bullpen, the A's starters have thrown back-to-back complete games. Frustrating.)
  • I am thrilled at the possibility (probability, really...but I don't want to get my hopes too high!) of Boof making the trip to Target Field later this month. At the beginning of the season, I had a dream that Those Girls ran into Boof at a Target Field gate. He said he really wanted to see the field, but since the Twins dumped him, he had to buy a ticket. It was very sad. Thinking that Boof will get to see Target Field without buying a ticket makes me happy again. I have never in my life been excited for the A's to come to makes me feel a little bit dirty and ashamed. But in a good way.