Monday, October 4, 2010

Masterpiece Theater

Just for kicks, allow me to recreate a very brief, and very real, conversation that took place next to me at the game yesterday.

Dude: blah blah blah My fantasy team is winning. blah blah blah Running Backs. Blah blah blah LT.

Dude's Girlfriend: *blink*blink*blink*crickets chirping*

Dude: LT! LaDainian Tomlinson!

Dude's Girlfriend: *crunch*crunch*crunch* I LOVE kettle corn! *crunch*crunch*crunch*

Aaaaaand Scene!

There's no moral to the story, I just think it's funny.


Jen said...

Ah! That's why you were giving me the "omg she is annoying the fuck out of me" looks whilst nodding your head towards her. :)


JimCrikket said...

I'm thinking that scene, or something very similar, is probably played out in public about 20,000 times every football Sunday in America... even more than that if you count those that go on in living rooms. :)

PatGLex said...

Which is why I'm still single. Guys who chat like that to the vapid girlfriend don't really want them to know who LT is. A lot of males are intimidated when you can speak their language. [And it freaks out the punk kids at the part-time job when I can talk Star Wars to them, too.]

margo said...

Maybe the girlfriend in question actually is a vapid twit without a clue. But I have to say that if the dude I'm with insists on talking fantasy football blah blah blah while I'm trying to enjoy a baseball game, I'd ignore him too.

On a side note, I'm sure I'm not the only one who would relish an in-depth analysis from Those Girls regarding player match-ups in the upcoming series...
I mean really, who's more adorable...J J Hardy or that shortstop from New York?
And Liriano versus Sabathia? Hmmm...
I haven't noticed any other bloggers covering this fascinating angle.

Sarah said...

Honestly...both of them were equally at fault I think. I LOVE fantasy football. But I also understand the universal rule that No One Else Cares About Your Fantasy Team. I will now occasionally swap tales of fantasy triumph or misery with my brother...because he gets it. But that's about all.

Margo, I am getting some stuff lined up for what I am calling "The Most Adorable ALDS Ever, With One Notable Exception." Including some guest posts by fans of all the teams involved. I will work on some in-depth analysis of key Adorability Match-ups too. Just 'cause you asked nicely :)

Jeremiah said...

As a guy, I want that girl as my GF... provided she's cute. Because I am not a big fan of fantasy football, and, as Margo said... if some douche is talking fantasy football during a Twins game, I'd be talking about how awesome Kettle Corn is too. (Even though I really don't give a rat's about Kettle corn)