Sunday, October 3, 2010

First Last Regular Season Game at Target Field

Aside from the losing, it was a pretty good day at Target Field today. And really, had I been thinking logically, I would have known we weren't going to win from the moment I saw the elephant on my way to the ballpark.

Once you see an elephant, your day is pretty much not going to get any better from that point on. You can only hope to ride the wave of elephant-inspired euphoria as long as you can before reality comes crashing down.

[No, selling to underagers is not cool, but Wally is a Twins staple. And I guess I can't speak for everyone but I have always known him to be quite diligent about checking IDs. I have some questions about how legitimate the recent "sting" was, but this is not the place for that.]

And now it's time to get pumped up for Wednesday. When it's quite cold after the sun sets, and the Yankees are in town.

I AM PUMPED. Sort of. I will be. I promise.

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