Thursday, September 23, 2010

Things could get very, very weird.

Cleaning out some stuff I came to a realization:

I have a lot more Torii Hunter bobble-heads than one person should own. WAY more. I don't even know where they all came from. I know a few years ago at TwinsFest they were giving them away like candy (I assume someone found a missing crate somewhere and had to do something with them...), but I'm pretty sure that I didn't take home THIS many.

I suspect they might be breeding somewhere in the darkness.

I am mostly worried that one of those randy prolific Torii bobbles is going to find the Doug Mientkiewicz bobble and things are going to get very, very weird.

So if anyone has any good suggestions as to what one might do with an excess of these, feel free. I am toying with the idea of inserting Torii into a variety of historical dioramas for my own amusement.


Mh said...

I was thinking Historical diorama as well.

The question would be of what. I would vote Washington crossing the Delaware.

rob said...

I was thinking fun with model rockets.

Jen said...

You should paint them different colors and then place them at the bottom of all the Joe Mauer statues in downtown Minneapolis.