Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Kinslerphiles unite!

This photo-heavy post is really for my fellow Kinslerphiles out there. You know who you are. [Time-permitting, I have a backlog of more Twins-related photos and snark for the rest of you too in coming days...but it was a long rough day, and Ian Kinsler makes me happy. Sue me.]

I was lucky enough to be able to document photographically the awesomeness that is Ian Kinsler's delightfully floppy hair, from just about every angle.

I swear that this is NOT Ian Kinsler giving us the finger. I'm 99% sure.

Kinsler was just chillin' watching the Twins legends take BP.

I don't know what Kinsler is doing to Eddie....but I kind of like it.

Ian Kinsler and eye-black go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Most adorable 2nd baseman in the major leagues? I vote yes.


Anonymous said...

Most adorable post in the blogosphere? I vote YES! Glad you're back, I've missed your writing!

Heidi said...

that is why I call him "adorable ian kinsler" sigh.


Nice to find another Kinslerphile...great photos! :) I'm so jealous you were at this game!

On a related note, I have goofy nicknames for all my favorite Rangers...my friends were ready to throttle me last weekend, since I wouldn't shut up about Joshypoo, Kinslerkins, and Sexypants Wilson...LOL! (That being said, I am SO glad the Twins swept them, cute as they may be!)

Sarah said...

Well, I'm glad I'm not alone in Ranger nicknaming. I just call CJ "Hot Hot CJ Wilson." I think there's a simplistic elegance to it.

Jessica said...

Don't get mad, but do you ever think Kinsler looks a little bit like James Franco?

Sarah said...

Yes! It's probably partly why I love him. I have had a Franco obsession since Freaks & Geeks.