Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Boof-watch 2010, Part II

OK, seriously?

THREE straight complete games for Oakland starting pitchers since Boof got called up to the bullpen.

Dear Oakland,

If I am going against all of my natural instincts and trying to have warm fuzzy feelings for you and your hideous white shoes, you need to meet me half-way. I am not watching your games to see pitchers I DON'T love. You need to throw me a bone. If not Boof, you should at LEAST let Craig Breslow pitch a 9th inning once in a while.

My god.

I can't keep this up.

Love (or something like that),


Jeremiah said...

Perhaps this is similar to Boof going to the Sox. You don't want his soul being dirtied. Perhaps he comes out for the Twins games. Not sure how I would feel about that...

Sarah said...

I am officially submitting my request to the baseball gods in advance (in triplicate if necessary) that Boof pitch on the 14th. I will not even feel conflicted. I would like to proudly wear my Boof shirt to Target Field and have it be meaningful.

Jeremiah said...

So are you officially going to be there on the 14th? Cuz YAY!! I will be there! Oh... and I'll put in a word to the big guy for you too. I follow him on Twitter.

Sarah said...

For everyone playing the Home Game, by "Big Guy," he means God, not Boof.