Tuesday, July 20, 2010

An open Slama letter

Dear Anthony Slama,

Please be good, so that A) we can do some winning and B) the fanbase doesn't attack you like feral rabid dogs.

Help us Obi Wan Anthony, you're (apparently) our only hope.

Good luck out there,

Those Girls.

PS Maybe try to grow a Pavano-stache. Just a thought.


k-bro said...

I saw Slama pitch during the All Star Futures game. It appeared he already had the Pavano-stache well under way. Actually, his might rock better than Pavano's. We'll see.

Allison said...

He's had a pretty epic stache since early in the season. You can see it here: http://dylanheuerproductions.blogspot.com/2010/07/719-rochester-red-wings-all-stars.html

JimCrikket said...

A 'stache and old-school stirrups. Sounds like the Twins have the next Dennis Eckersly!