Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My Final Vote philosopy and making All-Star Game plans...

I know the Final Vote is supposed to basically be a bit of whimsical fun. And it is. I've voted for Delmon...not really because I believe he's had an all-star caliber season (It's been good...but not THAT good. It pains me to say it, but Pavano is the most deserving of the non-M&M players), but because he's OUR player, and it's my futile protest against MLB's insistence that everything in the universe comes down to a Boston/NYY rivalry. Also I need to vote for someone on the AL side, as my heart votes for Joey Votto.

I wish the Final Vote was run differently though. Why make us choose if we're going to put another Red Sock, or another Yankee on the team? If this is mostly about motivating fans to get involved...Red Sox Nation and the Evil Empire are ALREADY always constantly involved. How about fans from the teams that know their season is not going so awful well right now? They also know that for the most part, their players are never going to make the team by fan-voting. (Or teams whose season IS going well, but get snubbed anyway...) I wish the Final Vote was all about them. Choose the five players from teams that only have one token representative and give them something to be excited about too.

Here would be my Final Vote players if I was in charge of the world:

Craig Breslow OAK
Paul Konerko CWS
Billy Butler KC
Adam Jones BAL
Shin-Soo Choo CLE (In the world where I am in charge, he is not injured)

Andrew McCutchen PIT
Miguel Montero ARI
Ryan Zimmerman WAS
Carlos Gonzalez COL
Heath Bell SD

In the world where I run things, Joey Votto obviously made the team outright.

The real National League ballot comes closest to my philosophy...but of course the National League doesn't have the Yankees and the Red Sox to deal with.

(Apologies to my Red Sox and Yankees friends...but even you guys have to appreciate the realities of the over-hype-age sometimes, right?)

Anyway, I will continue to vote for Delmon and Joey. (With a couple votes thrown in for Michael Young too...sorry Delmon), and I will enjoy the All-Star Game for what it is.

And if you're looking for All-Star Game plans...might I make a suggestion? Twins bloggers may have already gotten an email about this, but for everyone else...

Pillsbury United Communities is opening up Target Field for Home Field Advantage, a private screening of the game via satellite on Tuesday night. This is fundraiser for PUC, a nonprofit organization with multiple locations in Minneapolis' inner city neighborhoods; their efforts reach nearly 10% of the population of Minneapolis. It sounds like a fun opportunity to appreciate Target Field in less of a crowd, and watch our All-Star M&M boys kick some National League tail, from the comfort of the best ballpark in baseball.'re helping out your community, and your ticket purchase is tax deductible, if you're into that sort of thing.

There's a special deal on tickets that ends TODAY, so if you're interested check it out. After today (Wednesday), you can still buy tickets here.


Jammer said...

I was really hoping McCutchen would make least give us a shot of having someone for the fans to get excited about from their own team...oh well

Anna said...

I didn't vote in the final vote. I'm not the biggest Delmon fan, although I am enjoying the improved offense. I wish his fielding would improve along with it. But that's not the reason I didn't vote. I didn't vote because Delmon was quoted as telling a Pioneer Press reporter that he "didn't give a [expletive]" about making the All Star game. He changed his tune once he made the final vote, but it wasn't enough for me.

RB said...

First time checking out this blog - nice.

I'm not a big fan of the fan vote. Voting 25 times and watching people (esp. Boston and NYY) stacking the team with their own - ugh. Still, I voted for Delmon 25 times.