Friday, July 2, 2010

Like the lame icebreakers at work, but less awkward.

I promise one day soon, I will have the time and energy to post something substantial more than once a week. I swear.

But for right now, let's make this about you.

Let's all get to know each other. Leave a comment...even if I already know you or you're a lurker and have never left a comment til now. Who are you? How'd you come to be a Twins fan? If you're not a Twins fan...who do you root for? Why? Have a blog or website? Pimp it. (Note to Spammers: This does not mean YOU.) Tell me something interesting. Or something boring. Doesn't matter.

Let's be friends.

I'm handing the reins over to you guys today. Have at it!


Paul said...

I'm actually a Mets fan, but the Twins are my American League team (or something like that, anyway.) I enjoy rooting for them come playoff time and if I happen to catch any random regular-season American League games.

I became a part-time Twins fan because of Pat Neshek, who is just awesome. There aren't many baseball players who openly collect baseball cards and autographs - he does, and that makes him seem easier to relate to. I hope he makes it back to the Twins soon.

I have my own blog, Paul's Random Stuff, which is a mix of Mets baseball cards, recap/photo posts from major, minor and independent league games that I go to, and other odds and ends.

Sarah said...

Yay! Thanks for playing along Paul...nice to meet you! Pat Neshek is such a good ambassador for baseball. Just a super cool dude.

I'm sorry Johan is not quite as awesome for your team lately :(

Jeremiah said...

I've been a Twins fan, probably all my life, but the first time I remember I was watching the '84 or '85 Twins in the powder blue Uniforms on TV and saw Kirby Puckett. For whatever reason, he became my favorite player instantly.

I stopped watching the Twins at all starting around 1994 (oddly enough, right around the time they couldn't win a game to save their lives). I noticed a few players here and there, but didn't start watching them again until 2005 and started going to games in 2006. In 2007, I bought into a 20 game deal with one of my best friends and haven't looked back.

Andrea said...
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Andrea said...

Hi, I'm Andrea.
I'm a Minnesotan, so the Twins have always been my team. I was in elementary during the second WS title, so there's lots of Twins pride in my formative years. That said, I've not been a super big baseball fan for long.

But a little more than a year ago, my roommate Sarah and I decided we wanted to follow the Twins. For her, it was again. For me, it sounded like fun.

Now Luke Hughes is a household name and I'm doing daily checks on JJ's progress in AAA. Twins are a dangerous drug.

Hehe - my verification is "pretat" or "a young Jon Rausch".

Edited to add: Ah! Sorry, blogger and I got in a fight. It's better now.

M. B. Karger said...

I've been a happy lurker for about a year, having found your awesome blog when searching for photos of Justin Morneau. I'm a native 'Sotan and lifelong Twins fan. My hubby is the know-it-all Twins fan, and I'm more the obnoxious cheerleader in the seats. I enjoy reading your blog for the humor, the sensibility, the point of view, and the info as it allows me to converse with my husband at a fairly even level of baseball education. Keep up the good work!

I sell my art on Etsy and blog about it here:

Evelyne said...

Hello, I'm Evelyne, and I just recently started posting. This is actually the only blog I comment on where I don't personally know the blogger(s).

I became a Twins fan in 2000 while quietly listening John Gordon and Dan Gladden on the radio instead of going to bed when I was in middle school. I survived four years in Red Sox territory while in college virtually unscathed, and now I'm glad to be back in the warm embrace of Twins Territory. (Though I sometimes miss having to constantly defend the Twins' honor.)

To follow in Paul's vein, my National League team are the Nationals. (Way before their version of Baby Jesus showed up, I might add.)

I don't have a blog, but I have a Google Reader account where I sometimes share "THOSE Girls" blog posts--esp those involving puppies.

Thanks, THOSE Girls, for keeping it fun--keep up the good work!

Oh, yeah, favorite Twinkie: Nick Punto.

Stephanie said...

What can I say... I grew up in Minnesota and (barely) remember at least one of their World Series titles, but lost touch when they went through their dry spell. I started following the Twins again back in the early '00s and gleefully followed their games and winning seasons on's Gamecast back in the days when I didn't have a TV.

Now I live in the DC area and am pretty much the only Twins fan I know, so I regularly turn to your blog to feed my need for Twins news and, more importantly, true fan reactions to what's going on. I read other blogs for recaps of the games I miss, but I read this blog for humor, a female perspective, and a sense of belonging in a Twins community that I'm lacking out here.

I've been reading for years, and I found you originally on the late great Batgirl's blogroll. I'm also happy to report that I also root for the Pirates when I can, thanks exclusively to this blog. Oh, and the Nats, too, even when Steven Strasburg is not pitching.

Eurydice said...

Hi, I'm Melissa. I found your site around spring training, I think, and recognized the awesomeness when I saw a tag named "Nick Swisher might possibly NOT be the devil". Nick Punto and the sparkle ninja fairytale pretty much cemented it. :)

I grew up in Iowa, with Cub fan for a mother and Cardinal fan for a father. I leaned more Cub than Cardinal, and I will hate Josh Beckett for all time because of the way he destroyed the Cubs in the NLCS. I don't blame the fan in the outfield who may have interfered with a ball in play - I blame Josh Beckett.

I moved to Minnesota in 2005 and started watching the Twins. (They aren't a tv option in my part of Iowa.) I suppose I became a true Twins fan in the start of the 2008 season, when Matt Tolbert was a rookie and the last guy to make the team out of spring training. He's still my favorite player, and I've given up apologizing for it. He's fun. :)

I have a blog, but it's A, not baseball related, and B, largely not interesting.

Shop Boy said...

My dad worked for the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development in Providence, RI, and whenever a Western Division team like the Twins came to town, he could get the government tickets to Fenway Park. Nobody else wanted them. Hence, I believe I witnessed all 29,873 balls that Harmon Killebrew hit off the Green Monster. I also stood at the batting cage at Yankee Stadium, on a totally bogus press pass, as Gary Gaetti and Kent Hrbek called their monster shots and gave each other crap during batting practice. Dating myself, eh?

Never been to Minnesota, but my wife lived in Duluth, and I, too, have a blog, "Impressions of a Shop Boy" ( It's not about sports. Can't figure out for the life of me exactly what it is about most days. Letterpress printing, tangentially. But I hope you'll think it's fun.

I'm listed as a frenemy here, to my astonishment. I am not worthy to stand in your presence and serve you, Those Girls.

Anna said...

I started reading this blog about the time that Batgirl stopped blogging. I think Sinker or Lavelle posted a link here, and I've been reading ever since. I also won the first (and only?) podcast contest. Yay me.

I was born and raised in MN, so I've been a Twins fan all my life. I was in kindergarten in 1991. My sister and dad had tickets for the series and sat somewhere behind one of the posts. I remember watching the games to see if I could find them.

Of course, I became a Kirby fan. Also, my family had a copy of a 1991 series video narrated by Ernie Harwell that we would often watch. I kind of lost touch with the Twins during the lost years that were the late 90's. I became a fan again a year or so before all the contraction hoopla. I haven't looked back since.

My dad and I had cheap seats season tickets the last few years at the dome. Luckily, we had them long enough to have priority at Target Field. We now sit in some great seats in section 306. I sit in awe of the the ballpark at every game.

It's hard to pick a favorite Twin. It had been GoGo. I just loved his personality and enthusiasm, even if it got him into trouble sometimes. Now, I would say my favorite position player is Span (his Twitter feed, including the comments about his digestive issues, have only increased the amount I like him). My favorite pitcher is Pat. I really hope he makes it back to the bigs soon.

Word verifaction:
dregraut - Scooby Doo's pronunciation of dugout

Ronda said...

I am addicted to Twins baseball. Ever see that movie "Fever Pitch"? That is me. It all started in 1987 when I went to my first game (school fieldtrip for honor roll students). Of course we won the World Series that year and I thought it was probably due to my attention to the matter.
My favorite Twins are Hrbek and Mauer.

I am also addicted to the tv show Supernatural. It is required viewing. So in about 15 minutes I have a conundrum on my hands...

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Great idea, Sarah!

Hi! I am Jen! I am a Minneapolis girl and I grew up with the Twins. I spent many a-days in the metrodome with various male family members who were supposed to be babysitting me but in reality were using me to either score chicks and/or feed candy to until I hurled. That was until I found my own love of the Twins.

I am a 20-game pack season ticket holder this year and am so in love with target field.

Oh, and I think that you (Sarah) are totally kick ass. The shenanigans you bring to the sport is epic! :)

Twitter: @baseballipgloss

shannon said...

My first taste of Twins fandom came in 1987 at the tender age of 6. Four years later I was paying more attention to the 1991 season. My fandom has varied over the years but I would check the scores of the games even if I didn't watch or listen to them.

It was before this season that I decided to actively follow the Twins. It's been interesting to learn who the players are, their histories, and follow each game and each series.

I've been to Target Field 8 times already this season. (I think that's more than the number of games I've seen at the Metrodome.) I check the Twins site each day for the latest news on the team and players. I also see who is on the opposing teams so I can be better informed for the games I do catch.

Also, I'd like to think male baseball fans appreciate a female who knows the game.

ashley said...

I'm a Giants and Mariners fan (how's that for random?), but have been following this blog just because I love reading about baseball. :)

I grew up watching the Mariners, simply because they're my hometown team, although being an M's fan is usually pretty disheartening. The Giants is something of a recent following, and I'm hoping they can get their act together soon!

windfall said...

Just an old guy who's been following the Twins since he was a young guy. Plus any team that can have a ball player* honored in song by Garrison Keillor and become immortalized in a classic novel, 'Shoeless Joe' has got to be a favorite! Right?. I enjoy your blog a lot-Thanks for making me smile- Here's a simple entry from my blog 'bout how and why I enjoy the Twins--- NakedHotdish:

Thanks again-- I'll be tuned in...

*Bombo Rivera.

JimCrikket said...

My dad was a HS coach in Albert Lea when the Twins moved in from Washington so I spent my youth (and much of my adult life, for that matter) on ballfields and I've been a Twins fan for as long as I can remember.

I live in Iowa now and not only do I come up to a few games each season, I've been fortunate to catch the Twins on the road (I travel some for work. I also attend Spring Training pretty much every year.

I discovered the whole blog thing via TwinsGeek years ago. From there, I found Gleeman and, of course, Batgirl. I've been a Batling ever since and I really enjoy blogs like yours here, that reflect how fun it can be to be a Twins fan.

I've done several "Guest" gigs for Howard Sinker's blog at the Strib over the years and now, along with CapitalBabs and KL, we're blogging over at Knuckleballs (where you can find pictures of the postgame fireworks from Friday night! Just click my nick).

You do a great job here and this blog should be on everyone's "must read" blog list!

JS said...

I've liked the Twins since 2002, even though I was a crazy, obsessive Red Sox fan. They were really fun to watch in the playoffs, too, even though the darling Angels won the whole thing.

My interest in the Red Sox started fading after they won it in '04. But I still really dug the Twins.

I write a blog about the Red Sox triple-A team, the Pawtucket Red Sox. The Rochester Red Wings are frequent visitors here, so it's been great seeing all the "future Twins".

Which is how I kind of fell in love with Garrett Jones, but that's another story...

On the road with.... said...

I've been a Twins fan since about 84. We didn't get many Twins games up north and I was a Braves fan first, due to the superstation and the fact that the Braves were good in 82, when i was 9. Living out east, I have seen the Twins vs. the Yankees, Red Sox, Mets, Orioles, Phillies, and Cubs in the last couple years. I also check out the AA and AAA Twins teams when they come near where I live. My blog is my sporadic way to write about the team and baseball, and occasionally crap about my personal life, getting married and other nonsense. I know I lurked here before and now I lurk here again. :)

Maggie said...

I live in Iowa and have been a Twins fan as long as I can remember. My dad is a life-long Twins fan, so we would go up for a weekend series once or twice a season. I also remember many summer evenings on the deck with Dad and his radio listening to the games.

Sometime during the 1994 season, I kind of lost interest. Probably because they were REALLY bad that year.

In 2006, my office decided to reward everyone with either Twins tickets, movie passes or tickets to Adventureland. I chose the Twins tickets and have been firmly back on the bandwagon ever since.

Cuddyer is my favorite player. I have no blog, but I do ramble during games pretty frequently on Twitter.

Brad said...

My name's Brad.

I'm a Twins fan because my family's roots are in Minnesota - my dad grew up in Lakefield & got his EE degree from the U, my mom grew up in St. Paul.

I've never lived in Minnesota - I was born in Iowa and our family moved to Rochester, New York when I was 2. I grew up rooting for the Twins, Vikings, Gophers, North Stars, etc. because they were the Minnesota sports teams and the Rochester Red Wings & Amerks because they were my "home town" teams. We moved to Florida in 1972 & I went to the University of Florida (a "U of", just like my dad) in 1975.

I followed the Twins to the extent you could in Florida before, "Extra Innings", etc. Now, of course, I can watch or listen to every game, which I pretty much do.

I'm a new fan of the MLB's "At Bat 2010" iPhone app (only recently stepped up to the iPhone), which, for a mere $15, solves the aggravation of having a Sirius radio which is not capable of receiving the baseball feeds.

Found this blog while searching for something to numb the pain of BatGirl's retirement .....

puddles87 said...

I'm a huge Twins fan and have been all my life. I'm old enough to say I actually got to watch Harmon, Rod and Tony play at Met Stadium when I was a kid.

I don't really have one favorite Twins player, but I do enjoy watching Orlando Hudson. He makes me laugh and anyone who can make me laugh is tops in my book.

I have been reading this blog for over a year now and love it. Look forward to each new blog. Thanks to you, I have discovered CJ Wilson. OMG...what a hottie. I love his twitter and blog. One of the most accessible baseball players out there. I also follow Denard Span and Dirk Hayhurst.

Huge Supernatural fan as well as anything paranormal/ghosthunter shows and I love SyFy movies. I love the disaster, croc, and killer animal movies. The cheesier, the better.

No blog, just Twitter (puddles87). How I came up with the name is a story for another time.

Keep up the great work Sarah.

Angela said...

Hi, Im Angela.
I've actually been a Twins fan for as long as I can remember. I am a true Minnesotan born and raised here going on 27 yrs old. My grandmas used to have season tickets at the Metrodome so I have attended games since I was about 6 yrs old. Im a huge fan of the new stadium and wish I could attend every game their. I have season tickets for some games and wish I had many more.

I am actually a Mets fan too...but they are my favorite NL team. Twins are my number 1 team no matter what. I have my own blog,

sarahgymnastnyc said...

Hello! My name is also Sarah. I see my roommate Andrea commented a little earlier. I think this blog is great! When I first discovered it I was so excited to tell my roommate "There's a girl who thinks like us!" I don't have my own blog or anything, but I like to read a lot of different baseball related ones, especially if they are funny or written by a player.
My Dad is a huge fan of baseball which is how I originally got interested in it, but once I moved to the Twin Cities and was able to attend more games I think I started to get pretty obsessive. I am the kind of fan that gets very emotionally attached to players and if they amuse me and are especially nice and/or adorable I will totally love them, even when they kind of suck. On a related note, I absolutely loved Gomez and was really depressed when he left. My current favorite Twin is probably Kevin Slowey, but really I pretty much love all of them. My second favorite team (and it is a way distant second) is the Giants. Anyway, this is one of the most entertaining blogs, keep up the great work!

PatGLex said...

I didn't get a chance to post last week when I first saw your post.... I too discovered you after BatGirl's retirement; as Anna mentioned, likely through a link from one of the Strib's bloggers.

I was born and raised in western Pennsylvania, and the Pirates are my childhood team. I experienced the World Series teams of the 70s, and my favorite player was, of course, Roberto Clemente. (I'm not sure if the #21 is still jinxed in Pittsburgh -- I know that within a year, two Pgh. sports stars who wore that number died [Clemente and Michel Briere of the Pens] I'll have to take a look at the Steelers roster this year....).

I lived in Minnesota for 20 years, and actually started out as a sports reporter in southern Minnesota in the mid to late 70s. (Moved to MN because they play a lot of hockey, and I loved hockey more than baseball. Actually, still do.) Needless to say, I kind of had to follow the Twins, and ended up becoming a fan after I left newspaper reporting.

I attended one of the division games for the 87 Series team, and was at the climactic Game 6 of the 91 series; and Kirby Puckett was my guy. I moved to Kentucky in 1996, and have kind of been a long distance fan since then, following as best I can in a very National League part of the country. Because I'm so long distance I really don't have a particular favorite Twin at the moment.

My most vivid memory of my Twins fanship was in '87, after the team had clinched the ALWS spot in Detroit. The team broadcast over the radio that they were going to open the Dome to fans to welcome the Twins back home. I thought it would be fun, so I went down and parked myself in the upper deck. It was amazing to watch the Dome fill up with fans over the course of the next hour or so, and even better to watch the astounded Twins enter the stadium late that evening to a roaring crowd -- who was there for no other reason than to cheer their victory.

I enjoy your enthusiastic and irreverent review of the Twins. (And your non-Twins faves.) Keep doing it, please.

Hey, are you going to vote for Nick Swisher as the Last Man In for the All-Star Game? (Yeah, dumb question. :-) I really do know better.)

k-bro said...

Hi Sarah,

Sorry for coming late to the party.

I'm Kirsten, but everyone knows me as k-bro. I've been a Twins fan my whole life and I have great memories of listening to games on the radio with my dad.

I remember exactly when I started following you: they featured you on -- it was the piece about how Billy Smith traded his prized Moo Cow (Johan) for some green beans. It was blog-love at first sight.

My blog was in its infancy, and I posted a link to your story. And then you were kind enough to include me on your blogroll -- you were the second person ever to do that. So, thanks!

Keep up the great work. I always love coming here.

k-bro's baseball blog

nelle said...

My love the Twins started somewhere between '87 and '91. I don't remember the '87 season (I was 7), but by the '91 season, I was obsessed - listened to any game I could, clipped articles and pics from the newspaper, was in love with Kevin Tapani, etc). My mom made me go to bed before the end of game 7 (I still don't think I have completely forgiven her).
I followed bits and pieces of the team thru the 90s, but it all moved to a total obsession when I finally got cable in the summer of 2001.
Love the blog - you filled the "Bat-Girl shaped hole" in my Twins heart.

Anonymous said...

Hi. My name is Lori and I have been a Twins fan for as long as I can remember - watching Frank Viola pitching!

I got back into baseball when I met my husband, who is a know-it-all on most sports, the Twins in particular. I started reading blogs when he introduced me to Batgirl, and came across your blog while reading that one. I read it because of the humor and straightforward points of view that I can share with my students (8th graders).

My favorite player is Justin, however, Denard is a close second. And Skinny Delmon, but only if he stays skinny and good. Otherwise his adorablness does not cover his good at baseball quotient.

SARAH said...

Wow, alot of Sarahs on here! :) Add me to the list!

I came across this blog a few years back when Gomez was new to the team. I simply couldn't believe someone so young was married - so I was Googling his wifey to see if she really existed.

I became a Twins fan back in '87 when I moved to Western Wisconsin. We had Cardinals fans in the family, so that created quite a fun rivalry. My favorite Twin was & always will be #8 - Da G-Man. I met him 20 years after I became a fan (when he came back to the Dome for the '87 Team Reunion). I hope he wasn't too weirded out that I gave him a big bear hug. :)

My hubby & I split a 20-game Target Field package w/a coworker of his, so I've had the pleasure of being at Target Field many times. We also try & road-trip it to an away game every year. So far we've done Wrigley (yeah for Interleague play!), Safeco, and Progressive Field.

I think I've met almost every player on the roster for the past few years (except Baby Jesus). I get a kick out of chatting w/them & getting pictures. I can honestly say I consider Twinsfest a holiday.

I love Sarah's sense of humor & have told so many of my Twins buddies about this blog. Keep up the good work, my friend!