Friday, July 30, 2010

Keg Taps and Matt Capps

This break from blog-ennui inspired hiatus is brought to you by the trade deadline and my wonderful friends. (Also the letter B and the number 6.)

First off...wonderful friends.

I heard the Rock Bottom Brewery event was fun last night, and I know some of you were there. Thanks to Jen from Lipgloss & Baseball and our friends Sarah and Baramee for ensuring I was there in spirit as well. This fits quite well into my new hobby of pestering baseball players by proxy long-distance. No one is safe!

(Which reminds me, I really need to make friends with people in Sacramento to go on Boof-watch for me...)

I am happy to hear that Nick Punto was his usual magically charming self. Thanks for being a good sport and playing along with our shenanigans Nick!

And then there's the trade deadline drama.

Two things:

A) I really like Matt Capps and I am happy he's in a Twins uniform. He improves the bullpen and the team, assuming we don't see a Cappsian meltdown of epic proportions anytime soon. (It happens. Trust me.)


B) I am not thrilled about this trade.

After much deliberation, I have decided that these two statements are NOT mutually exclusive. Take that for what it's worth.

Good luck to Wilson Ramos, who deserves to be in an organization where he's not Mauer-blocked to the extreme.

And finally a couple requests:

1) if anyone who doesn't already have a blog of their own wants to guest-post anything ever, please let me know. It needs to fit in with our philosophy here, but other than's the limit. I am kind of busy, and baseball-blogging has fallen way down on my list of priorities right now. I hate this place to collect cobwebs, so give me a shout if you're interested.

2)My Red Sox fan friends, if you're reading this, Fenway Tour...worth it or not worth it?


SARAH said...

First off - I have friends in Sacramento ... I'll check to see if they'll volunteer for Boof-watch for ya.

Second - I think Jen's beer is about as empty as it was ever gonna be in that pic.

Third - Everything in Boston is worth doing (blame the New Kids for my Boston obsession)!

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

NKOTB Sarah! Look at you smack talking my beer drinkin' over here! :P Hey, it was grrrrross WHICH you wouldn't know because you didn't even take one.

*Snap* you got served!