Friday, June 18, 2010


I was checking my Twitter feed on break at work before the game yesterday. The channel 9 sports account posted something about being surprised more fans weren't outraged that Mauer wasn't in the line-up against Ubaldo. To which I thought "Really?" Because I wasn't surprised at all at a lack of outrage. Why on earth would there be outrage?

But then sure enough, as soon as they posted that, I started to see the posts of outrage that they were hoping for. People complaining that fans were being robbed by not getting to see Mauer in the line-up. And we shouldn't be sitting our best hitter against the best pitcher in baseball.

Again I say, "Really?"

Because I highly doubt Joe didn't start because he's scared of Ubaldo Jimenez. I'm pretty sure Joe didn't start because it was a day game after a night game...Which is totally 100% not abnormal. In fact, it was a day game after a couple of particularly brutal nights behind the plate. I'm confused as to why anyone would be surprised that he wasn't originally slotted in the line-up.

For the people complaining, let me point out a couple things:

A) It is JUNE.
B) We are in 1st place in the division, by precisely 1.5 games that FEELS like 5 games.
C) We already had the series win against the Rockies.

If you don't want Joe Mauer to sit a game NOW, when the heck would you like him to sit out?

I for one would rather see him sitting out some games and resting up while we have a nice bubble of security rather than see him fatigued or injured down the stretch. But that's just me.

Yes, it sucks for fans who only want to see Mauer when they go to a game where he is not in the line-up. But again, I point out....IT WAS A DAY GAME AFTER A NIGHT GAME. If you only care about seeing Mauer, you should probably not purchase tickets to a day game after a night game, because the percentage chance you will see him play goes down significantly in that circumstance. Sure, you might get lucky....Joe's freakish bout of hardiness after he came off the DL last year kind of spoiled us. But if Joe is your only priority, why take a chance? Purchase tickets to a Friday or Saturday night game. Your odds are better.

And, he pinch-hit so the whole argument was moot anyway. It just annoyed the bejeezus out of me, so I felt like ranting about it for a bit.

Friday Random Ten

1. Young Pilgrims--The Shins
2. The Very Thing--Stars
3. Le Monde--Thievery Corporation
4. Strawberry Fields Forever--The Beatles
5. Lloyd, I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken--Camera Obscura
6. Everyone's A Hero--Nathan Fillion (from the Dr. Horrible soundtrack)
7. Little of Your Time--Maroon 5
8. I Miss You--Blink-182
9. No Matter What--The Clarks
10. 99 Red Balloons--Nena

What's playing for you today? First 10 songs on random/shuffle mode. I'm always curious.


thetwinsdifference said...

I'm never really disappointed that Joe isn't in the lineup. I'm actually happier that he's getting full days off this season than I would be if he were DHing the days he wasn't catching. Now we just need to do something about the Butera-who-can't-hit...

Random 10:
1. Nine Days "Crazy" - The Madding Crowd
2. Billy Joel "The Longest Time" - An Innocent Man
3. Green Day "Before the Lobotomy" - 21st Century Breakdown
4. Goo Goo Dolls "Eyes Wide Open" - A Boy Named Goo
5. Eve6 "On The Roof Again - Horrorscope
6. John Ralston "Lesson I & II" - Sorry Vampire
7. Coldplay "Twisted Logic" - X&Y
8. Linkin Park "In Pieces" - Minutes to Midnight
9. Nirvana "The Man Who Sold the World" - MTV Unplugged
10. Fastball "Fire Escape" - All The Pain Money Can Buy

JMP said...

I don't know if it's his salary or what, but people have really been super bitchy about Mauer this year (maybe just the Star Tribune commenters). I know he isn't having as great a year as last year, but he's still doing pretty well.

Random 10:
1. L.I.P by The Presidents of the United States of America
2. Si Estuvieras Aqui by Los Amigos Invisibles
3. Tom's Diner by DNA feat. Suzanne Vega
4. Epiphany by Staind
5. Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia) by US3
6. Falling Away from Me by Korn
7. Puttin' on the Ritz by TACO
8. Tarantula by Smashing Pumpkins
9. U Don't Know Me by T.I.
10. No Tengo Dinero (ATM Remix) by Kumbia Kings

Fran said...

I think successful managers (and not just Gardy*) focus on the entire season, while fans tend to have tunnel vision about single games. Pretty much as simple as that.

Random 10:
Neon - John Mayer
Your Song - Elton John
Me and Julio - Paul Simon
Come Monday - Jimmy Buffett
Make a Little Magic - Dirt Band
All for You - Sister Hazel
Holiday in Spain - Counting Crows
Whatever It Is - Zac Brown
You Shook Me All Night Long - AC/DC
A Little More You - Little Big Town

myjah said...

THANK YOU! I saw a lot of people bitching about the lineup yesterday. Hello? People are injured. People need to rest so everyone isn't injured at season's end. I definitely agree that a lot of fans say things without taking into account the entire season, and that they are real people not virtual baseball players on your xbox or whatever.

plmobi said...

In first by 1 1/2 games.

wepri31 said...

As a Tigers fan who enjoys reading your blog (because I not so secretly love the Twins too), I do need to say--you aren't leading the division by 5ish's down to 1.5

Also, of course Mauer would get the day off. I don't get why that would be controversial. Man needs to last to the end of the season, doesn't he? People complain about weird things.

Sarah said...

yes, yes, you're right Detroit. I was just letting my secret psychic powers get ahead of myself. Obviously.

k-bro said...

Yes. Yes. And yes! I think people look for things to complain about because they actually like the act of complaining. They're like Eeyore -- only happy when gloomy.

Ok, I want to play along with your random 10, but I don't have an iPod and I don't listen to music. I listen to podcasts through my iTunes on my computer. You can't shuffle podcasts. So, here goes: the podcasts in my queue, in no particular order (you'll notice that I really enjoy the "Stuff" podcasts from the network and the ones from the Quick and Dirty Tips network)

10. NPR Fresh Air
9. Stuff You Should Know
8. Stuff You Missed in History Class
7. Stuff Mom Never Told You
6. Nutrition Diva - Quick and Dirty Tips for Eating Well and Feeling Fabulous
5. Grammar Girl - Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing
4. Throwing Like a Girl (from last Sunday -- I'm behind)
3. Seth Speaks (from last Sunday)
2. ESPN: Baseball Today
1. Brain Stuff

Jeremiah said...

Dear lord... yeah, the completely idiotic comments I saw yesterday regarding Joe's "bad" year and not being in the lineup... I've had a few arguments and I keep telling them that:
A) there are no less than 3 players (2 of them Yankees) who wish they were having Joe's bad year and are making more than he will be starting NEXT year.
B) The whole night/day scenario, plus the getting beat up
C) the fact that regardless of who was in the lineup, we went against literally the best pitcher in the sport, the result would be the same
D) Gardy has a better record (excluding the 2 world series post-seasons) than Tom Kelly NOT TO MENTION that we are 10 games better now than we were at the same point last year.
It's immensely frustrating how many "fans" think they know what they're talking about when they really don't understand anything in baseball other than Joe Mauer plays and if the Twins win while he's in the lineup, it's because of him and Gardy has nothing to do with it.

Randy Crouton said...

1. Lucio Battisti - Gelosa Cara
2. Lori Burton - The Hurt That Wont Go Away
3. Rita Lee - Viagem Ao Fundo de Mim
4. The Magnetic Fields - You Must Be Out Of Your Mind
5. Joao Gilberto - El Preciso Perdoar
6. Pete Shelley - I Generate A Feeling
7. Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings - I Learned The Hard Way
8. Ruby Andrews - Whatever It Takes To Please You
9. The Pretty Things - The Good Mr. Square
10. Otis Redding - Wonderful World

Heidi said...

I have nothing new to add to the play mauer dont play him debate. is gone- goo goo dolls
2.washed by the water-needtobreathe
3. the motions- matthew west
4. i want it that way- backstreet boys
5. yesterday morning-matt wertz
6. find my way- gabe dixon band
7. you make it look so easy- eric church
8. bold as love- john mayer
9. out of my league- tj mccloud
10. how deep is your love- straight no chaser