Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Not to beat a dead horse...

OK...apparently EVERY team does adorable puppy/baseball player calendars but us.

I mentioned Houston before (and Detroit by extension, because that's where Houston got the idea). But now I've learned that Oakland does one...(and rumor has it that this year's included Craig Breslow and his doggy), AND the Baltimore Orioles do one, AND the Brewers, AND the Phillies....get the picture?


Pound for pound, we have one of the most adorable teams in major league baseball. (Putting on my Objectivity Cap, I can honestly admit that two teams are, as a whole, more adorable than the Twins right now). There is no excuse for our adorable boys not to pose with adorable fluffy critters to support charity. ...allowing me a socially acceptable excuse to hang such pictures in my cubicle at work.

Most of the other teams' calendars appear to be sponsored by the wives. Is there a petition we can sign or something to make this happen? Because if we could get Pet Calendars, it would more than make up for the demise of our beloved Favorite Things baskets.

Why yes, I AM going to obsess about this now. Thanks for asking.

In other news, I hear Strasburg was pretty good or something. I watched an hour of the pre-game hype that was a little bit disturbing, and I saw the 1st inning. But then I had a prior engagement I couldn't get out of... so it's tivo'd. Along with the Twins game. I only had time to watch one thing tonight...and it was Glee. Sorry, baseball. I will make it up to you later.

Maybe when I get my own freakin' Twins Pet Calendar.


PatGLex said...

My sister sent me a picture of Strasberg post-game with shaving-cream-pie residue and the white Elvis "wig" that passes for the Nationals' traveling best-player-of-the-game totem. Let me know if you'd like to see it. It's hilarious. If only the Twins had something like that.

margo said...

I really hope the Twins do NOT start doing the shaving-cream-pie thing.
So cliche.
The wig thing is not quite as bad...but I'd prefer something a bit more ridiculous, like an enormous stick-on Pavano-type stache.

Section 36 said...

The Red Sox did a Puppy calendar a few years ago. It was to support canice rescue or something like that. I still have a couple floating around. I'll send you one if it will help.

Anonymous said...

Are you still tight with Mrs. Blackburn? I really want a calendar now!!!!!