Monday, June 14, 2010

Monday morning glossover.

With interleague play well underway (please note that I am just glossing over this weekend's series loss for the Twins completely), I thought it'd be fun to look through the schedule for the interleague match-ups I am most looking forward to.

Rockies vs. Twins, this week. Naturally. I like the Rockies. I am only sad that it is an away series for no Dinger the Dinosaur :(

Orioles vs. Giants, this week. I mostly want to watch these games to be amused by the overwhelming amount of orange on the field at one time.

Cardinals vs. Blue Jays, next week. Epic battle between colorful songbirds. Not to be missed.

Pirates vs. Rangers, next week. This match-up will decide Interleague A.Q. dominance this year. Believe me when I say that I will be watching very closely.

In other news, I am digging the Twins player's choice signature series of merchandise. Most of it, anyway. I like Slowey & Hardy's jerseys the best, I think.


Jammer said...

Now that I can finally watch the Rangers, I can only hope that Ian Kinsler gets caught breaking it down in the dugout.

And, I love Slowey's! I like how he represents the 'burgh - remembers his roots or something like that.

sarahgymnastnyc said...

My roommate and I were just looking at the signature series merch last night. I was amused at the Jersey Shore vibe I got from Nick Punto's! I think I like the Justin jersey the best but it's fun in general to see what the guys come up with.

PatGLex said...

OMG -- just checked in for the 1st time this week and jumped to the specialty Twins gear. Must. Have. Slowey. Hat.!!!! Twins logo with Pirates/Steelers/Pens colors!!!!! (Also, I do like the Punto jersey, if it came in 2XL...that's the only way I could fit it over my butt.)Thanks for the link, wouldn't have known about the stuff otherwise.