Friday, June 4, 2010

Let's steal ideas.

I watched the first couple innings of last night's game. I saw Mauer score, and I saw Danny Valencia's 1st big league hit. And I stopped watching shortly after that. Can I assume, based on the box score I just looked at, that I didn't really miss anything too extraordinary beyond that point?

So, now that we've dropped 3 games straight, and our odds of making the playoffs dropped from a season high 79.5% on June 1st to 68.7% today, can we justify ripping off the Pirates by also taking Bobby Crosby's rally mustache challenge AND Delwyn Young's high-sock mandate? Pretty please? Carl Pavano has got a huge head-start on the mustache, so everyone else needs to catch up quickly!
[For everyone already complaining about the Pavano ' will look way cooler/funnier/more awesome once everyone does it. Trust me.]

And speaking of other ideas we need to steal....Amanda Rykoff, The OCD Chick, alerted me to THIS yesterday. That's right. A whole calendar full of baseball players holding puppies [and kittens. I should not forget the kittens...]! Looking at the pictures makes me incredibly happy. And sad at the same time...because this has been going on for FOUR years and I did not know about it.

This is the type of breaking news that I should be informed of IMMEDIATELY. If someone called me and woke me out of a deep sleep at 3:30am to say "Just wanted you to know, there's been another baseball player holding a puppy sighting," I would not even be mad. (OK...I would be mad for approximately 23 seconds, until my brain un-fogged, and then I would be really really happy). Four years of missing out on this amazing information is unacceptable.

As a way for the universe to repay me for this travesty of justice, I think the Twins should steal this idea. If only we had a Twins personality that was passionately committed to a variety of cuddly causes that could benefit from such a wonderful fundraiser....Oh wait!. We do...

In Houston, some players pose with their own pups, and others pose with shelter animals (Awwwww!). I, naturally, think that I would make an excellent casting director for such a venture in Minnesota. "Puppy-lovin' baseball fans" is pretty much my entire niche market. I'm pretty sure I could come up with a Twins calendar that would sell oodles and oodles of copies.

Considering I have now given this about 17 hours of solid thought in the past two days, here are some of my initial ideas for puppy (and kitten!)-player match ups.

  • Matt Tolbert and one (or two...or possibly five) itty bitty fluffy Golden Retriever puppies. Duh.
  • Delmon Young in a red fireman's hat pulling a medium size litter of Dalmatians in a red Radio Flyer wagon. I would title the picture "Delmations."
  • Jason Kubel playing a game of yarn ball with a little tabby kitten.
  • Nick Punto playing catch with my neighbor's Jack Russell named Riley. They are both really scrappy.
  • Justin Morneau with a Samoyed puppy. Any Samoyed will do. They are adorable, and I'm pretty sure they like Canada.

I have more ideas for everyone...but I have to go to work now, and I want to hear everyone else's ideas too. Who should pose how and with which tiny adorable fluffy critter?

Friday Random Ten

1. You're Gonna Lose That Girl--The Beatles
2. Bang Bang--K'naan (featuring Adam Levine)
3. Meet Me Halfway--Black Eyed Peas
4. In the Night--Basia Bulat
5. Separate Ways--Journey
6. Cheeseburger in Paradise--Jimmy Buffett
7. Heimdalsgate Like a Promethean Curse--Of Montreal
8. Feel Like Myself--Brendan Benson
9. If You Say Jump, I Will Say No--Irving (This is possibly my personality's theme song...)
10. I Am In Love With You--Imogen Heap

What are you randomly listening to today?


Anonymous said...

Rauch has to be photographed with a Chihuahua, right? I mean aside from the fun size difference, they both have crazy eyes. It might not be a very cute picture, but could be quite humorous.

Alexi Casilla with baby bunnies, because they're cute and he's, you know, quick like a bunny...

1. About a Girl by Nirvana
2. Trucker Hat by Bowling for Soup
3. In the Margins by Ani DiFranco
4. Minuet in G by Beethoven
5. Respect by Adam Sandler
6. Trouble by Dave Matthews
7. Baby-Baby-Baby by TLC
8. Far Away Boys by Flogging Molly
9. Smack my Bitch Up by Prodigy
10. Zeitgerist by Smashing Pumpkins

margo said...

* Jim Thome with a Great Dane
* Brian Duensing and a puppy with big sad eyes
* Slowey and Blackburn together holding kittens and hugging
* Matt Guerrier with a poodle (not the kind with a haircut, just a little shaggy)
* Brendan Harris with a squirrel

Shop Boy said...

Boof Bonser and a Newfoundland. Only thing big enough to hold that welcome home hug you've got waiting for him. Yes, we might just have to give him back. Unless you want to take Dice K (shelter mutt partial to lots of walks) to make room for Boof in the Bosox rotation.

Just an idea.

1. Another Body Drops by Cypress Hill
2. All Apologies by Nirvana
3. Everything Feels Wrong by Bree Sharp
4. Radio Song by R.E.M. (my randomizer is I.N. L.O.V.E. with this song)
5. (S)aint by Marilyn Manson
6. Bom Bom Bom by Living Things
7. Sign on the Door by Kasey Chambers
8. Calm Like a Bomb by Rage Against the Machine
9. Rough Justice by the Rolling Stones
10. Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall

shannon said...

* Joe Mauer and a pile of Golden Retriever puppies
* JJ Hardy carrying a basket of Siamese kittens
* Scott Baker and ducklings
* Denard Span and Michael Cuddyer out and about with some happy Greyhounds
* Jon Rauch playing with a herd of adorable Chihuahuas

Heidi said...

Love the adorable animal calendar idea! Love the High Socks! Don't love the staches. Clearly Carl Pavano's isn't working for him, maybe it would start working if more people grew them. I'm still not digging it, though.
Can there be a dogsled involved in the Morneau photo? I feel that would add to the Canadian-ness!
JJ Hardy playing tug of war with one of those rope bones with some sort of adorable puppy.
Joe Mauer. Baby German Shepherd. Face Licking. The dog licking joe, just to clarify. The White Sox host Dog Night at US Cellular I was there on Dog night last year because the Twins happened to be playing the Sox. They do a puppy parade around the field before the game, and Joe Mauer really looked like he wanted to play with all the puppies.
1. Heroes- David Cook
2. The Prayer- Charlotte Church/Josh Groban
3. Only One- Lifehouse
4. Someone Else Calling you Baby- Luke Bryan
5. Goodbye- Alicia Keys
6. 3 Different Shades- Dazy Head Mazy
7. Dancin in the Moonlight- Toploader
8. I Will Not Take My Love Away- Matt Wertz
9. Count Your Blessings- Pat Green
10. These are the Days- Jamie Cullum

Jeremiah said...

I would definitely say you MUST get Mike Redmond in a picture. I know he's not currently a Twin, but he's such a Twin. I don't know which animal to put with him... probably a bull dog? They're both gruff looking, but kind of a weird adorableness.

Luckie/Sarah said...

Why do I feel the need to try and get 2 of the 2010 calendars the Astros have on sale now? :)
I don't think the Rangers do it anymore, but I want to say a season or two ago they did one as a giveaway. (More eBay searching for you)

Kara said...

I LOVE your blog and have been following it for a few years now! And I have finally decided to comment....because I am OBSESSED with the calendar idea. The Delmations photo might win an award for best caption ever. I personally call him DelMoney when he is playing well, so its been nice lately! Love your blog and love this idea- gotta get it done somehow!!