Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Impromptu Celebrations

First off, I would like to wish my Pittsburgh friends a very Happy Pedro Alvarez Day! For Pirates fans, today is every bit as exciting as Strasburg day, or Strasmas if you're into that, was...except I suspect that MLB Network cameras will NOT be following Pedro's every move an hour before the game.

I would like to wish Matt Tolbert a very Happy Matt Tolbert day. Yesterday was his very first career homerun that was NOT hit off of the Chicago White Sox pitching staff. A celebratory parade in his honor will be held in my living room at 5:15pm sharp.

Speaking of [former] Chicago White Sox pitchers...Boone Logan also got called up. By the Yankees. I feel happy, sad and dirty all at the same time. A begrudging Happy Boone Logan Day to New York. Although I know that they will not appreciate him and his adorableness. [Note that the adorableness comment only applies when he is NOT growing a ferret on his chin.]

I've also heard speculation that Boof might get himself a rotation spot in Boston, with a possible start this Friday. I think the mere rumor of this warrants a Happy Boof Bonser day to myself. Although, really, isn't every day Boof Bonser Day here?


Anonymous said...

My bank teller is a Boston transplant. He was VERY excited to talk about Boof with me yesterday!


Jammer said...

Yay! Go Pedro Go!

Mh said...

Hell every day is Boof Bonser day in my household. I am starting to talk to my beloved about the next dog getting named Bonser.

I can only hope.....