Thursday, June 10, 2010

Boof Boof BoofBoofBoof. Boof.

This post mainly exists so that when the daily Boof Bonser Google News Alert that comes to my inbox arrives, it will contain something nice, with no mean and nasty swears.

Because things did not go so well last night.

(I admit, it was ugly...but it's his first game pitching in a major league game since '08. Lay. OFF.)

But that's OK, because I feel like just seeing him in a uniform, on the field, during a real live game was a victory.

After the initial nausea from seeing another team's logo perched atop his lovely hair subsided...

...seeing this again put a twinkle in my eye and a song in my heart.

Yay, Boof yay! I will continue on in my current capacity as one-woman Boof Bonser online cheering section indefinitely. Location problems or no.

My warm and fuzzy baseball feelings for Boof are about the closest thing I can muster to unconditional love for anyone or anything that is not immediate family, good friends, snuggly animals, or Ralph Macchio. I will not apologize for it.


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Jeremiah said...

Maybe he's allergic to being a Red Sox? I mean, coming from a Minnesota team, we are practically groomed to despise the North East teams (and Chicago Sox).