Monday, May 10, 2010

Who Are We Googling?

I felt like making a pie chart.

So here it is.

These values are based on Google searches the past week or so. Some of them amuse me. Some of them terrify me.


College Stadium Pictures said...

I'm glad to see that I am not the only one who has an itch to create a chart once in a while. Nice work by the way!

Heidi said...

I know I shouldn't judge people, but why are so many people searching for jayson werth shirtless?! He just would not be my first choice of baseball players to see without a shirt. I'm just saying.

thetwinsdifference said...

Huh... I had expected waaaaaay more people to be searching for "Nick Swisher is an Asshole."

But that's just me.

Sarah said...

Yes...the Jayson Werth Shirtless phenomenon freaks me the hell out. I just don't understand it. Yes, he's having a great season thus far...but that does NOT mean I ever ever ever need to see his nipples. Ew.

The other day, there was a google hit for "Jayson Werth Shirtless" from a SEMINARY. I kid you not.

Same goes for Nick Swisher. I'd feel more comfortable if the number of "Nick Swisher is an asshole" googles was greater than the number of "Nick Swisher shirtless" googles...but as anyone who is familiar with public transportation can attest, sometimes the world is just a really scary place.

JS said...

Nice to see Mientkiewicz getting some love.

I get TONS of people looking for Lenny Dinardo. It is astounding.

Anonymous said...

nick swisher seriously annoys me, but in his defense, my thought upon seeing that people are searching for him shirtless was just 'why?' as opposed to jayson werth's 'eew!'