Monday, May 17, 2010

Twins 1, Personal Inner Demons 0

Let's just forget everything that happened before yesterday. Let's count yesterday as the first day of a brand new streak.

Twins 1 - Personal Inner Demons 0

Because, as far as I can tell, the Twins weren't really playing against the Yankees yesterday so much as they were playing against their own demons. When Jason Kubel hit that grandslam, I got the sense that he wasn't just smacking the ball; he was driving the memory of his disappointing ALDS performance at Yankee Stadium straight out of the park.

We lost the series, but it doesn't even matter. That one victory yesterday felt better than any of the 22 other wins this season, by far. The team should get rings for that game alone.

Our last winning pitcher in the Bronx was Johan Santana. Santana...Blackburn....that's pretty good company to keep.

I wish the team wasn't in Toronto today, so we could throw a parade. At the very least, I hope everyone in Twins Territory was blasting U2's "Beautiful Day"for a good portion of their Sunday afternoon. I know I was.


PatGLex said...

I'll be honest...I bailed midway through the game.

I was thrilled when I saw the game was on TNT, since I never get to watch them play, living WAY out of state as I do. But I became less thrilled as the game wore on. Line drive catch! Double plays! Strikeouts! When the NHL playoffs started on NBC, I switched and watched until time to leave for my church obligations. Even last night, as I fell asleep to ESPN Radio, I thought I had misheard -- The Twins WON the game??!!??

I would like to suggest some covert reverse mojo performed by you locals at the site of the visiting team's entry into the stadium. Are there any Native Americans that can do some sort of dance through the locker room? I'd like to see the Twins sweep when the Yankees come to towm.

Mh said...

Well I will admit it. I stayed with the boys, I teared up when Kubel hit that ball.

I would challenge PatGLex about the Native Americans comment. Really? My friend...Really.

Hope you are all well I have to go and turn up U2 and listen with a big goofy grin.

Anonymous said...

Kubel got his cookies yesterday. Yes, indeed.


Tricia said...

Yay!!! That grand slam was so sweet. My heart was pounding, and I almost felt like the Twins had won the World Series.

I <3 Kubel, Thome and Blackburn. Grudging respect even for Rauch. Yay again!

Jeremiah said...

I listened to the last 1.5 innings on the radio, since I was out of town helping someone move. Thankfully, my buddy text me the Kubel Grand Slam, so I heard the rest. I was about ready to drive straight to the Bronx at 90,000,000 mph when Ulger held Span up at 3rd when he was already halfway to home and the ball was thrown to the cut-off man.
And when Rauch gave up the 2 singles, I was about ready to kill both of them (and Smack Gardy for putting Rauch in) but they pulled it off.
Blackburn got a much deserved win and the Twins got a lot of respect from Yankees fans and Rays fans are eating it all up.

Funny thing, if you want to read TRUE bandwagon fandom, check out the Yankees website and the story of last night's loss. I thought our Twinkie armchair managers were bad... man, they have nothing on Bronx Venom. Truly some serious spitting cobras over there regarding Joe Girardi.

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