Friday, May 28, 2010

Sounds like a plan.

So, here's the gameplan. In the event that the Twins meet up with the Yankees in the post-season again, we're going to need Nick Blackburn to pitch 3-4 games, and we're going to need Jason Kubel to field multiple positions and take up 4 or 5 spots in the line-up. If we can make that happen, by Jove, I think we have a real shot here! There's got to be some sort of magical potion that would work. Thankfully, it's Harry Potter movie marathon weekend on ABC Family, so I can do some real hard-hitting research on the subject.

It's also Texas Rangers weekend. Which means I will feel guilty all weekend for being so conflicted. Basically, I will just cheer for everything that happens. I can't root against either team, so I will just cheer for everything they both do.

You know what is sad? If you do a YouTube search for Ian Kinsler, half of the videos that show up are people posting video clips of their MLB the Show games. I am not all that interested in fake computer generated Ian Kinsler. I mean, I totally watched them. But I didn't enjoy it. Much.

5 Random Things I Am Thankful For:
  • No more [regular season] Yankees!
  • REAL Ian Kinsler with his delightfully floppy hair and his winning dance moves.
  • 3 Day Weekends
  • A season series record vs the Yankees that, while still depressingly dismal, is "times-infinity" better than last year's.
  • The Giant Killer Crocodilians movie genre. [I have not met a movie in this category that I won't watch. Twice.]
10 Random Songs that I'm listening to... a new Friday staple.

1. Man in the Mirror--Michael Jackson
2. Like a Prayer--Glee Cast
3. Geraldine--Glasvegas
4. Uprising--Muse
5. Virgin State of Mind--K's Choice
6. Samson--Regina Spektor
7. Walk Like an Egyptian--The Bangles
8. Boys Lie--The Clarks
9. One Week--Barenaked Ladies
10. Designs on You--Old 97's

How 'bout you?


NinjaMom said...

Is it weird that every Friday I think that you have stolen my ipod? We have oddly similar random playlists.

Baseball_Lipgloss said... fangirling Ian may be almost as cute as you fangirling Garrett (but less meaningful).

You coming to Da City? Hmm? Hey? Hey?

Jammer said...

There are Ian Kinsler dancing videos out there that I don't know about? How did this happen?

Also, I hope your trip in Pittsburgh was fun! I got stuck filling in for someone at work blahh...

linda said...

No one else I know likes the Old 97's.

Heidi said...

twins v. rangers= quite possibly the most adorable weekend in baseball!