Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rain delay realities...also, Evan Longoria does NOT like tea.

Wow....judging by my Twitter feed last night, folks are pretty pissed about the whole ticket snafu with the rain delay.

Not that I blame them. With the insane prices people were paying for tickets, no wonder they're annoyed at paying that much to see about half of a baseball game. (This is what you get for buying into the Yankees hype-machine.)

I feel bad for the poor girl who mans the official Minnesota Twins team Twitter account. She's probably an intern...or being paid like one, at least. But she took a lot of heat from fans last night. A LOT. People were threatening legal action, even.

They're not going to get very far, though. It sucks, but the official MLB rule is if a game goes 5 innings, rainchecks and/or refunds are not necessary. Five is the magic number. Yes, the fans get to feel ripped off in this scenario...but is anyone still naive enough to believe that anything MLB does is with the intention of giving the fans the best value? Nope. The bottom line is revenue, revenue, revenue. Opening the doors for only fans attending tonight's game is the logistically easy, and legally sound, way out.

Although, I did hear rumors that there were messages on the scoreboard and signage indicating that fans with tickets to last night's game could use them today, before the official word that only today's tickets would be honored. Did anyone at last night's game stick it out long enough to confirm or deny? Still, not grounds for legal action....but an interesting PR snafu, anyway. Just curious.

Well, at least we had the squirrel. That was fun.

In other news, Evan Longoria has allegedly outdone Grady Sizemore in the "trashy picture leaked on the internet" category. Like, Full Monty outdone him. I admit I looked. Purely out of scientific curiosity, I assure you. I don't really buy the story though. He sent the pic to some girl he found on Facebook? I just refuse to believe that A) Evan Longoria is that dumb, and B) He needs to troll the internet sending nudie pics to random strangers like a creepy Dateline Predator.

I just don't buy it. Or want it to be true.


Mh said...

I was there till the bitter end. The scoreboard and announcement was clear that it was only tom. ticket holders who could get in. Some one told me that FSN said you could use the Tuesday ticket on Wed. but that was never true.

Jeremiah said...

Ok, checked the story on the Evan Longoria thing. Really, the girl makes it sound like she's so amazing that guys just find her and e-mail this stuff all the time. What?

Possible fact?: She probably really liked Evan Longoria, pursued him, he said "I don't know or care about you" and she made this up because he's constantly spurned her. Much like all celebrity photos, unless there's a face, there's no truth.

Funny word verification:
Polen - hehe... if I need to explain...

Heidi said...

Oh No Evan Longoria! Oh no!

myjah said...

I was also at last night's game until the end, and nothing was ever said about being able to use the tickets the next day. When they officially announced that the game was suspended on the scoreboard, it clearly said only tomorrow's tickets will work.

So some fans got ripped off. But they got to see the first rain delay at target field! And fans with tickets to today's game got lucky! I didn't mind it (and no, I don't have tickets to today's game either).

myjah said...

OH, and here's how you get cheap tickets to Twins games: Buy one from a scalper after the first inning or so.

The guy sitting next to us bought a $78 ticket for $10 bucks doing this.

Tricia said...

Phhh...Evan Longoria doesn't need to troll for women on FB. I don't believe he's that dumb either.

Jeremiah said...

SUPPOSEDLY the Evan Longoria girl was contacted by him way back when he was in the Minors and he's been trying to hook up with her ever since. (Does this give more credibility to her story? I don't think so) and JUST RECENTLY he sent her this pic.

Now... if she had said that he did this years ago when he first came into the Minors... MAYBE I might believe it. But he's been in the bigs long enough that he could have plenty of women and I don't think he'd resort to something this stupid.

Then again... 1 year ago, I thought Tiger Woods would never cheat on his beautiful wife, especially with having kids. So, I will keep a modestly open mind.

shannon said...

I'm extremely skeptical about the claims that it's really Evan Longoria's… uhh… boomstick in that photo. There's no face to go with it, and there's no other truly solid proof. Also, why wait four years to leak the photo? Why not leak it right away when he got called up to the majors?

When Grady Sizemore's photos hit teh interwebz he made some sort of attempt at damage control. Of course, he seems to have accepted that the photos are now out there for all to see and is unlikely to strip down in front of a camera for a non-professional photoshoot. And Evan has not said anything but there are claims that MLB is looking into the matter.

Anonymous said...

That's definitely evan longoria's thing. I've seen other pics my friend gets from him just like that. And lots of mlb players use facebook to creep on girls, they'll straight up admit it! They say its a great way to meet girls and hook up. Dont give them too much credit, most will sleep w anything that walks!