Monday, May 10, 2010

Perfect is as perfect does.

Well A-Rod, I guess everybody knows Dallas Braden's name NOW, huh? Watching the end of the A's-Rays game yesterday, I kept double-checking to make sure I wasn't watching a heart-warming Disney underdog sports movie instead. It was THAT perfect.

A part of me wondered if maybe after a few innings of perfect ball, the Rays realized how much this was gonna piss off the Yankees (maybe Evan Longoria checked his Twitter feed between innings..), and only gave 97% the rest of the game. With the best record in baseball, they were best equipped to take one for the proverbial team and frost Yankees fans to epic proportions.

And for that, Tampa Bay Rays, I salute you.

Of course we had a pretty gosh-darn perfect day here in Twins Territory too. Nick Blackburn dominated. We scored a bunch of runs, in spite of the middle of the order coming up a little short. Pink bats were everywhere. It was a good day for baseball.

Little Help:
As many of you know, Those Girls and Lipgloss & Baseball are all going to Pittsburgh in less than two weeks to celebrate what I am calling Garrett Jones Action Figure Day Holiday Weekend. It's going to be epic. To commemorate the occasion, I'm putting together a special little project. But I need some help. I'm looking for some Pirates folks --Hello Pittsburgh friends! I am talking to you :)...some Red Wings fans/bloggers...some Indianapolis Indians fans/bloggers....etc anyone who has happy opinions or memories about Mr. Jones. If you are such a person, or know of one...drop me an email if you'd be so kind. I'll fill you in on the details.

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Anonymous said...

the best part to me was that I heard his grandma was quoted as saying, "Stick it, A-Rod." Obviously, Betty White's SNL appearance has been very empowering for the blue-haired set.

Well played, Grandma!