Friday, May 14, 2010

Make it awkward....please.

I will admit to having a lot of Yankees fans in my Twitter-feed.

So, I expected to have to kind of steer clear of the ol' Twitter account this weekend. But it turns out it's not necessary...because they are all very nice and cordial about things.

Granted, the Yankees fans that I follow are pretty super classy, I gotta say. [Obviously. That's the only way I tolerate the Yankees thing. *shudder*]

But mostly, I realize that they are friendly about the match-up because they can afford to be.

The Twins are their Kansas City Royals. I'm relatively certain that they look at the Twins with the same "Awww...what a poor sad puppy!" facial expression that I reserve for the Royals, anyway.

But I don't want us to be the poor sad puppy anymore :(

C'mon Twins. I am begging you...make my social network friendships more awkward and uncomfortable. Please.


Jammer said...

Welcome to the feeling of being a pirates fan...ALL THE TIME lol

I feel like when other fans look at me in my pirates t-shirt they just think "man...she could probably use a hug or a drink right now"

margo said...

Yes, it's time for a big snarling toothy beast to replace the poor sad puppy.
But before the puppy leaves, I'd like him to pee in A-rod's batting helmet.

Mh said...

Well I would trade a little akwardness with my twitter people then seeing Peter write....I just stabbed myself in my face. I like the image of A-rod with a batting helmet of dog urine.

*sigh* Win one today boys win one.