Friday, May 14, 2010

Good Luck

Well, all I can say, as we settle in for yet another series against the Yankees, is good luck Twins.

I want to believe. I want to believe that things are different THIS time. We've won more road games than we've that's good. But there's a part of me that realizes whenever our team gets to the East Coast, there's a little bit of regression to Little League form. Sad but true.

But maybe this time.... Right?

....It'll be different.


10 random tunes for Friday...

Pink Cadillac--Band from TV
Fresh Air--Brother Ali
Bad--Michael Jackson
Left and Leaving--The Weakerthans
Just Like Heaven--The Cure
Hallelujah--Rufus Wainwright
Feed the Tree-Belly
Bust Your Windows--Glee Cast
Giving Up on Love--Slow Club
We Used To Be Friends (Season 3 Remix)--Dandy Warhols (Yes, I have the season 3 soundtrack of Veronica Mars, and I'm damn proud of it.)

I showed you show me yours. 1st ten songs on random play from your computer/mp3 player.


Anonymous said...

I think this is finally the year that we stop falling apart against the Yankees. Perhaps Gardy just needs to give a super inspiring speech, like Mel Gibson in Braveheart or Bill Pullman in Independence Day. Or... he could Photoshop a bunch of funny pictures of the Yankees - with captions! That would help, right? Well, it would be funny at least...

Woot! More Friday Random Ten!!!

1. Save Me by Dave Matthews
2. What I've Got (Reprise) by Sublime
3. Come & Talk to Me by Jodeci
4. Ain't Nothin But a G Thang by Dr Dre & Snoop Dogg
5. Sweet Child O' Mine by Guns N' Roses
6. Glycerine by Bush
7. The Seven Deadly Sins by Flogging Molly
8. Soft Smoke by Pink Spiders
9. We Will Rock You by Queen
10. Freak on a Leash by Korn


Evelyne said...

This is it. This is when all of our luck against the Yankees will turn. Why? Because I will be in New York for the games. I will even attend one of the games. Those Twinkies better pull through.

1. No Matter What by Badfinger
2. Papa Don't Preach by Madonna
3. Winnie-the-Pooh from Disney's Greatest Hits
4. The Artist by The Hush Sound
5. Levon by Elton John
6. Sweet Home Alabama by Lynyrd Skynyrd
7. Imagine by Jack Johnson
8. Piano Man by Billy Joel
9. Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond
10. Recitative: They rebuke hath broken his heart. from Handel's Messaiah

Here's to hoping....

Jammer said...

I'm just excited that the game on sunday will be on TBS and I'll actually be able to watch the twins play! woot woot!

Shop Boy said...

As a Red Sox fan (sorry), I wish your Twins much, much, much luck this weekend. Go get 'em.

My dad would usually add: "Root for injuries ..." Ah, us lovable BoSox goons.

Random 10:

1. Missundaztood by Pink
2. Another Postcard by Barenaked Ladies
3. The Revolution by BT (Tomb Raider soundtrack!)
4. Baby Stick Around by Joe Jackson
5. If I Fall You're Going Down With Me by the Dixie Chicks (oops -- caught out on that one)
6. Cold Day in the Sun by Foo Fighters
7. There Is a God by Hamell on Trial (good omen there!)
8. Girl by Beck
9. So Amazing by Juliette and the Licks
10. Radio Song by R.E.M.

We'll see if we can kick some Tiger tail for you.

-Shop Boy

Anonymous said...

One of the headlines in the Strib sports section today was, "It's Time for the Twins to End Their Bronx Cheerless Streak"

This is especially hilarious to me because, as I understand it from buying several whoopie cushions, a "bronx cheer" is a fart. ??

So Jim Souhan is telling our boys to go fart it up in Yankee Stadium?

Why not? I guess.... huh?


Section 36 said...

Here's hoping that you crush the Yanks, and wear all their entire bullpen in the process.

1. Candle in the Wind by Elton John
2. Rock 'N Me by Steve Miller Band
3. They'll Need a Crane by They Might Be Giants
4. Walking in Memphis by Marc Cohn
5. Your Song by Elton John
6. Stop the Train by John Mayer
7. The Letter by Natalie Merchant
8. Look at Me, I'm Sandra Dee Grease Soundtrack
9. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
10. I Like Chinese by Monty Python

Section 36 said...

I always thought a Bronx Cheer was a raspberry.

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

My fingers are crossed and I've compiled a whole new list of cusses to toss at the television. I may even put Zeppelin's Twins bandana on (even though he tends to chew on it and that's gotta be bad luck, hmm).

Ooooh! Lots of good songs!
My random 10:
1. Heartless - Kris Allen
2. Black Betty - Ram Jam
3. Breathe - Ryan Star
4. Lump - Presidents of the United states of America
5. Goodbye L.A. - Green River Ordinence
6. Song Away - Hockey
7. Been Caught Stealing - Janes Addiction
8. Dirty Little Girl - Burn Halo
9. Hello - David Cook
10. Stuck Under Wheels - MWK


I'm going to tomorrow's game! I really hope they win that game...after all, that is Morneau's birthday, and a win would make for a VERY happy birthday! :)

Jeremiah said...

1. Hollow - Pantera
2. Inside - Collide
3. Jonny - Kittie
4. White Rabbit - Collide
5. I Do - Better Than Ezra
6. I'll Be Here Awhile - 311
7. Elect the Dead - Serj Tankian
8. Mr. Moran - The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
9. Looking Back Over My Shoulder - Mike and the Mechanics
10. Shadow Boxer - Fiona Apple

And Thank Gardy for putting Casilla in over Harris who has been horrendous thus far.