Sunday, May 2, 2010

Acogíamos Wilson Ramos

That would be "We Welcomed Wilson Ramos" for those of you who took French or German instead of Spanish.

My favorite thing about the Wilson Ramos call-up might be that his name is super easy to rhyme with just about any verb in Spanish.

[OK. It's probably my third favorite thing...behind the hitting and the defense. Still...I'm making a point.]

Let's practice.

We Activated Wilson Ramos: Activábamos Wilson Ramos.

We Trusted Wilson Ramos: Confiábamos Wilson Ramos.

We Played Wilson Ramos: Jugamos Wilson Ramos.

We Applauded Wilson Ramos: Aplaudíamos Wilson Ramos.

We Hugged Wilson Ramos: Abrazamos Wilson Ramos.

See? Super useful.

Wilson Ramos was definitely my favorite thing about today.

I also really dig the navy alternate jerseys paired with the new away pants. Our team looked sharp, y'all. Of course, it's not that hard to outshine those hideous Cleveland unis. Blech.


Heidi said...

Bailamos con Wilson Ramos? We danced with Wilson Ramos.

Mh said...

I am a big ole homo so I will be the one to say....

nos besamos Wilson Ramos