Tuesday, April 6, 2010

One down.

What I'm taking away from yesterday:
  • Scotty Baker can only pitch amazingly when I am present. I already knew this deep down, but last night confirmed it.
  • Delmon Young just wants to be loved. I think if we throw some left-over hero worship his way, he will astound and amaze.
  • The new road uniforms look awesome. So much better. SO SO much better. I love them.
  • My silly paper fortune-teller prediction of Garrett Jones being the NL MVP is looking pretty darn smart 1 day into the season. He is a beast.
Let's look at a picture of Garrett to make ourselves feel better about the Twins losing. [It helps, trust me.]

Aaaahhh. Much better, no?

Today is a new day, and I have every faith that Nick Blackburn is going to put up his first W against the Angels tonight.


Jammer said...

Jones was a monster yesterday! And, the pirates are in first - I should really enjoy this moment while I can.

Jammer said...

PS - the never doubt the magic of the fortune teller. Helped me decide where to go to college...

Sarah said...

Jammer, do you live in/near the 'Burgh? Lipgloss & Baseball and I will be hitting town for Garrett Jones Action Figure Day next month.

francie said...

trudi and i was sitting in section 4 - 1st base baseline. we had the best view of sweet garrett jones in right field! he made a few amazing diving catches yesterday. it was a good day to be a bucco fan.

oh, my b-day present from my dad was a jone's t shirt which was proudly on my back yesterday. he has many fans in the burgh. many #46 t's were in the stands!

i tried to stay awake and catch the twin's game but just couldn't. i did see young's homer. i'm rooting for you boys too! they are my favorite a.l. team!

Jammer said...

Yep! I live about 15 minutes outside of the city. And, OMG - they are having a Garrett Jones Action Figure Day?! How did I not know about this lol.

Have you ever been to Pittsburgh?

Sarah said...

We visited PNC for the first time last summer. Good times. Now we're addicted. Jammer and Francie (and Trudi), you guys should meet too! Awesome Pirates fangirls should stick together.

See? Garrett Jones brings people together. Like Santa Claus.

Garrett Jones Action Figure Day is May 22nd. Be there or be square!

Jammer said...

Oh definitely! Afternoon games at PNC Park are the best (if it's actually sunny and not monsooning). I'll look into tickets this week - gotta get 'em before the "rush"