Wednesday, April 28, 2010

GB Leighton's Twins Song is the New Nick Punto

But this is one blog bitchfest bandwagon I don't mind jumping on....

The winning is nice. Very enjoyable. I would like it to continue ad infinitum.

HOWEVER, if the GB Leighton song torture continues all's going to be a very loooong season. And there's no amount of winning that will quell the almost inevitable bleeding from ears.

That song is terrible. It's bad on FSN during games, and it's 10 times worse on the big screen at Target Field. It makes me cringe. I am embarrassed when I think of all the out of town tourists visiting Target Field, being subjected to that music video, and then inevitably thinking "Oh my...what have we gotten ourselves into? I had no idea that Minnesota, as a baseball franchise and a state, had this poor of taste in music and entertainment!"

It's forced and awkward, and tries to be a lot cooler than it is. Which is absolutely the worst kind of lame. And it's not even catchy. [Although, perhaps I should be thankful for that fact. If I ever get that song stuck in my head, bad bad things might happen.]

We deserve better, dammit. I'm happy to know that I'm not alone in my blistering hatred for said musical number. Eric from Call To The 'Pen has repeatedly, and snarkily, voiced his justified disapproval on his Twitter stream, which makes me happy in my heart. There was a very telling survey over at Twinkie Town, showing how much we all really hate this song. And I just joined Facebook groups called "I Hate GB Leightons Twins Song" and "Twins Need A Better Theme Song." Because if we can't make it stop, at least we can commiserate with like-minded people, I guess.

But aside from the daily dose of GB Leighton's terrible Twins song, and the occassional unfortunate Bieber appearance, the musical selections at Target Field seem pretty good to me, with lots of non-cringeworthy local flavor. The Replacements, Prince, Brother Ali....all good. "Sunday Girl" at Sunday games also makes me happy in my heart. If we could just snuff out that supposed theme song, we'd be nearing perfection.


thetwinsdifference said...

I just got G.B. Leighton-rolled. link DM'ed to me led me to GB Leighton. I am no longer speaking to this person.

Betsy said...

it takes a lot of restraint daily to not tell my coworker (who is cousin's with brian leighton) that her cousin's song bites the big one (in pg terms)

Lori said...

I SO agree about that song! It's bad and embarrassing.

linda said...

I thought I was the only one that cringed when that song was on....

Mh said...

Well the only bright side I can see in the GB Leighton fiasco is this: NO more Batting stance guy! He is gone isnt he? See pure up side

Jeremiah said...

I would gladly take batting stance guy 1000 times a day over one time of listening to GB Leighton.

And Betsy, I would constantly harass anyone I knew, if they were related to Brian Leighton, that the song is the worst thing ever.

This song should be labeled "Cruel and Unusual Punishment" and banned by the US Constitution.
Want to know the reason terrorists haven't attacked Minnesota? GB Leighton is doing worse than Osama ever could. He got a glimpse of the song and music video and said "Damn! Really? I want to kill them just to put them out of their misery, but that would mean I would have to be subjected to more of that."

margo said...

I would not be surprised if even G.B.Q.X.Z.Leighton hates the song.
It's quite possible they were presented with a list of required phrases to be included in the song, and then were given ten minutes to write it.

Anonymous said...

Wow. I was living in complete oblivion since I don't have cable, and haven't made it to my stadium seats until after the first pitch (so far). I had yet to hear The Song. All the buzz forced me to Google it. All I can add at this point is that it makes his Pizza Hut commercial sound good!


Baseball_Lipgloss said...

I don't like the song. I like GB Leighton. I like Minnesota. I like the Twins. I like music.

But again...I don't like the song.

Minnesota has a HUGE indie music scene where we could pluck talent or remake-ability from.

Please note that Craig Finn (of the Hold Steady) is a HUGE Twins fan...and I bet he could come up with something. The Hold Steady are also in town for a couple concerts around Fourth of July weekend (hint hint hint).

Sarah, I think you mentioned it on Twitter but the Hold Steady did a remake of Take Me Out to the Ball Game that is AWESOME!