Sunday, April 11, 2010

Crowning a Biggest Twins Fan

This weekend, the Rock Bottom Brewery downtown hosted the finals of their "Biggest Twins Fan" contest. Lipgloss & Baseball and I were on hand to live-tweet the event. So, right off the bat, you know it's going to be a good time. There were some other familiar Twins-blog names in attendance too. John from TwinsMVB was a finalist, and Jon from TwinkieTown (sorry for misspelling your name earlier Jon!) was a celebrity judge. (Wow...Jo[h]n is a really popular name.]) K-Bro came out to cheer the uber-fans on too, which was awesome. It was a great time. Any time there's an event that not only tolerates, but celebrates and requires extra doses of fun and silliness from fans, that's a good thing in my book. Big thanks to Rock Bottom for hosting and hooking us up with beverages and delish food freebies.

Snapped a few pics, for everyone who couldn't make it out.

TC was out and about, shown here with fab MC Dawn Brodey (a fellow Wisconsin native who has good taste in baseball and rejected the Brewers early in life in spite of geographical peer pressure. Rock on.) TC mauled me a little bit, before the event. But in a nice way, I guess. If you have to be mauled by a bear, you want it to be TC.

Jen models the free t-shirts given out that night. If you wear the shirt, you get 2-for-1 beers on every Twins home game day. That's pretty good deal. If you didn't get a jealous. Be very jealous.

Michelle was the only woman in the finals. Girl power!

There was some pretty intense math involved in one of the rounds of competition. Finalists needed to figure out how long it would take someone with a given annual salary to earn 1/6th of Mauer's contract. No one got the math right, but I like this answer. He even showed his work. Sort of.

This is Joel. He cemented his spot in the finals by getting a pretty large Minnesota Twins tattoo on his forearm. That's dedication.

High point of the night was definitely dizzy bat. This is mostly because it is funny to watch people fall down. Contestants had to spin 10 times, then find 3 wiffle balls and throw them in a bucket. Our table was dangerously close to the action, and K-bro almost got taken out a few times. No one threw up, though. And this event yielded the best quote of the night: "Drop the bat! Find your balls!"

Fan Favorite contestant Ross had a whole entourage, complete with American Idol-like fan signs. Delightful.

And in spite of being reminded not to be swayed by the powers of adorable baby girls in teeny tiny Twins jerseys (please note the jersey is not pink...bonus points), I think the judges probably gave Ross a little extra consideration for his excellent use of props.

And Ross walked away the winner, and took home a trip to Spring Training 2011 valued at $1500. Pretty good payoff for an evening of shenanigans and public humiliation.

He may be crowned the Biggest Twins Fan, but I like to think that it's mostly just a figurehead role. I'll continue to be in the Twins Fan Parliament and do the heavy lifting.


Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Boobs. Beer Steins. Boobs. Beer Steins. That tshirt is ALL kinds of flattering on my chest :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting all of this! It was an awesome night! -Ross