Sunday, April 18, 2010

Crazy coincidences.

Yesterday was the first time Those Girls were able to get to Target Field together. We are trying not to take it personally that it also happened to be the worst Twins team performance of the season thus far. That's just a crazy coincidence, right? RIGHT?!

It's also just a coincidence that the Royals only scored runs when we were not at our seats. We were seated in our section for the first inning....and every thing was fine. We got up to wander around and forage for food, and BAM: Carl Pavano Meltdown --which, like a prophet, I had foretold in the car on the way to the game. No joke. (However, in my version, the Twins offense made an epic comeback instead of "stranding a small village on base," to borrow Brendan Harris's best quote ever.) We made a couple complete loops around the field. It's shiny and new and different and requires in-depth multi-inning exploration...also the fact that both of us suffer from a crippling and somewhat embarrassing fear of heights made sitting in our steeply-pitched 300 level seats a little unpleasant.

We ventured back to our seats as just as Pavano left the game. Purely coincidental. We watched Alex Burnett be totally awesome for a few innings, and every thing seemed like it was under control again. Mahay was fine. And then we left early, giving the Royals the confidence boost to tack 3 more runs on against Crain.

Now...leaving a game early is something we neither condone nor generally participate in. But it's going to be a sad reality for us this season, we're afraid. The bullpen pitchers [that we like] need to adjust their performance accordingly.

Overall, everyone can just add us to the chorus of praise for the park. It's gorgeous. Much prettier than the tiny Target Field model suggested. The environmental consciousness and handicapped accessibility stand out as huge bonus points, when comparing it to similar MLB parks. Four thumbs up from Those Girls, although we have decided we need new good luck rituals for this ballpark, because clearly our old ones did NOT work yesterday.


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Jeremiah said...

Well, I will say not ALL of the old ways are needing to be left out for good luck charms.
My magic helmet is 3-0 on the year!