Thursday, April 29, 2010


It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was the early innings of hope, it was the late innings of despair. It was a night for a 5 run lead, it was a night for a 5 run loss. It was a time of Jim Thome and Luke Hughes home runs, it was a time of Pat Neshek HBP RBI insanity and Jesse Crain on the mound with inherited runners. We had everything before us, we had nothing before us. We were all going direct to the World Series, we were all going direct to a playoff watching party with the Royals and Pirates.... get the picture. Thanks for indulging my literary allusion.

Last night was weird and a little ugly. I kind of wish this had be a game against a west coast team, so I could have gone to sleep with happy thoughts. Oh well.

Also, I am tired of umpires. Period. And it's not even May yet.


TD said...

After Scootie Baker decided to forget how to pitch, my happy place was Luke Hughes and His Homer. His adorableness was almost too much to contain. And then he and Jim Thome man-hugged and the adorableness went right off the charts.

Jammer said...

I got done with my night class final in exactly 27 minutes so I could get home and watch this game and I wasn't expected such a rollercoaster of emotions.

There was yelling and cheering and evil glares. But, I agree, the best part was the brotherly love between Thome and Hughes. Melted my little heart.

Anonymous said...

Blargh is right!

Anonymous said...

I'm starting to feel that the Tigers are becoming the New White Sox as far as team rivalries go... and I'm OK with that, because the Ozzie/Gardy man-love is just too cute, and a "certain blogger's" undying alligence to AJ is making it too hard to seriously hate Chicago anymore.

Until they start doing better, of course.


francie said...

i watched that game last night after watching my buccos come back to beat the brew crew. i was hoping the good karma from the pirates would find it's way to mo-town and your twins. i think span was robbed of an out instead of the error he recieved. i guess i didn't cheer loud enough for the karma to find it's way to the twins -- sorry ladies.