Friday, March 26, 2010

Twins-Orioles at Ed Smith Stadium

This is where Birdland goes for the winter now. The Orioles are now in the stadium that previously housed the Reds. The best part of this change: the local fare the Reds served was a weird red hot dog...but now there's crabcake sandwiches. Game, Set, Match Baltimore.

Scott Baker looked AMAZING. Like an Opening Day pitcher should look. The Orioles had a lineup pretty similar to their Opening Day squad, and aside from a couple runs late in his appearance, he made the batters look positively silly. They looked like they were trying to miss the ball. All the Orioles fans near me were quite impressed with him. (And one guy behind me was horrified that he passed up Baker in a fantasy draft in favor of Ricky Nolasco. Rightly so.)

And watching Pat Neshek pitch in person again, finally, was pretty amazing. I'm still basking in the funky Pat Nesheky awesomeness of the moment.

I love this picture because it makes me feel like I'm in a time warp.

And I love this picture because it looks funny.

Tomorrow: Red Sox at Orioles....but I'm a lot less excited about it with 0% chance of it being A Very Boofy Roadtrip for the Sox. If presented with any particularly enticing alternatives, I could probably be persuaded to skip it altogether. Which is sad...usually I feel like baseball is baseball...but a random AL East matchup (unless that matchup is Toronto and the Rays) is less appealing.


JimCrikket said...

Great pictures, Sarah! I just left Ft Myers a couple days ago and I'm already jealous that I didn't see the game in Sarasota tonight.

As for tomorrow... you do realize the Twins are hosting the Phillies just an hour south of Sarasota, right? :)

Sarah said...

My socially-crippling Jayson Werth phobia is kind of prohibitive when it comes to the Phillies. But I'll see the Twins down there later in the trip!

Jessica said...

Too bad it was on the same day, you could have come up and watched the Rays and Jays with me yesterday. It was delightful.

Sarah said...

I'll be at the Rays game against the Pirates tomorrow! As long as the weather cooperates.