Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A quick request

Ladies, if you have a spare minute, go check out the Metsgrrl post about the MLB/Victoria's Secret partnership and give her your thoughts.


Baseball_Lipgloss said...

I wish Victoria Secrets would launch this line stuff online so I can check it out. I know I am going to be disappointed but I still want to see!

Anonymous said...

I was excited to hear about this initally. Now it seems it will disappoint me.

For as forward as Target is about affordable fashion for all types of ladies... I hope they pick up on this. They being the Twins Field owner's now and all


Anonymous said...

I would also like to pass on that I have ordered online from a place called Fastball Fanatics... they have ladies fan clothese there... kind of a little of each... some baseball-whore type clothes and some "regular nice lady clothes."

(not too heavy on the cold-weather gear, but some available)

They also sell embroidered patches... various logos... for DIY.


Sarah said...

I just make my own player shirts--best way to represent guys not sold in the team stores :)
::working on some Marlins shirts for fangirling::