Sunday, March 28, 2010

Pirates at Rays: AKA Christmas in March

Today was pretty fabulous. I know I'm supposed to be a Twins fan and all...but I won't lie, when I bought my rockin' seats for this Pirates/Rays game, it kind of became the crown jewel in my collection of spring training games. I planned it out so as to be located at the precise spot in the ballpark to facilitate optimum fangirling of both Garrett Jones AND Jason Bartlett simultaneously.

Of course, being spring training, it's hard to guarantee seeing specific players, but I put my faith in the fact that when I want something, the Pirates are able to somehow sense it and give it to me. True story. I did get a little bit nervous when I realized that Pittsburgh was fielding split squads today, so the entire drive to Port Charlotte I used all of my psychic powers to will Garrett to go south instead of north.

It worked! And as a bonus, they threw in Andrew McCutchen, and had Ross Ohlendorf pitching. The Pirates like to make me happy.

The Rays, not wanting to be outdone in the Catering to My Every Whim Department, had Jason Bartlett in the line-up, with Matt Garza pitching. They also played "Just What I Needed," and the 3rd base coach let me be one of his helpers to throw bubble gum to the kids in our section. The only black mark against the Rays was that all the Barty t-shirts in the shop were too big.

I had built up the anticipation for Garrett-Jason Day to a feverish level before my trip, and all in all I have to say my expectations were exceeded. Good Job Rays and Pirates!

Charlotte Sports Park is really pretty. I'm a little bit in love with it.

Those Girls always joke that for the prices some ballparks charge, we should be able to sit IN the dugout. I came within 4 seats of livin' the dream today. This is a dangerous place to sit, because it requires extreme amounts of willpower.


Andrew McCutchen enjoys being awesome at baseball AND being nice and considerate to fans. Also, he likes cool shades.

Poor Ross got LIT UP by the Rays today. I felt sad for him.

Hello Matt Garza.

Maybe it was just the angle, but Matt seemed a lot less spitty today.

What up, Jason?

Oh, Garrett. You are so pretty. *sigh*

Garrett Jones and Bobby Crosby. Is it just me, or does Crosby look 100x better now that he can wear appropriately colored footwear?

Who knew that admission to today's game would include a ticket to the gun show? (To put that joke in context, there actually WAS a gun show across the road.)

Jason Bartlett takes baseball VERY seriously.

Carl Crawford is all kinds of awesome. That is all.

Now Jason Bartlett looks sleepy.

The following 2 pics I snapped just for JS at Baseball Heavy:


Heidi said...

this makes me so excited for baseball!

sarahgymnastnyc said...

Wow, I'm jealous of your seats... Thanks for sharing the pictures