Wednesday, March 10, 2010

David Aardsma Is My Spirit Guide

Longtime blog readers may remember that for some unknown reason I sometimes have recurring dreams about David Aardsma (like this one. And this one.) For no reason.

Yes, you guessed it. David Aardsma has made another cameo appearance in my subconscious. I blame Eric Karabell for writing a fantasy column comparing Crabbypants Rauch this year, to David Aardsma last year. I naturally took exception to the analogy, because I like David Aardsma.

Anyway, once David Aardsma creeps into my brain he is very, very hard to remove I guess.

Last night I ran into David Aardsma at Pizza Hut while we were both redeeming Bookit certificates for free personal pan pizzas. It was very random. On the positive side, Dream David Aardsma now recognizes me in my dreams. I think that's progress.

But I woke up this morning with the realization that I keep dreaming about David Aardsma because he is my spirit guide! That has to be it. It's the only reasonable explanation.

I'm not exactly sure what this most recent dream means. I should eat at Pizza Hut more often? I should be reading more books? Maybe I will try both.

But I do know that from this day forward I will consider David Aardsma to be my own personal oracle, to help guide me along the right lifepath.

I'm tempted to write him a letter today to ask if I should go back to having bangs.


margo said...

You're lucky David Aardsma is your spirit guide.

My spirit guide is Kenneth Krueger, a brainy little kid I knew in third grade. He always tucked in his shirt too neatly.
Kenneth is probably 45 years old by now, but in my dreams he's three feet tall and still delivering those hideously boring book reports.

Heidi said...

AJ Pierzynski is the baseball player that shows up in my dreams on a regular basis. I wouldn't really call him my spirit guide, though. I've told him in dreams that I don't really like him and he needs to stop bleaching his hair, but he won't go away!

Sarah said... funny would it be if your book-report reading dude googled himself and found this?

Heidi...I am supremely jealous! I wish AJ Pierzynski showed up in my dreams. Maybe we could swap dream-players sometime? (Not that I don't like David Aardsma, of course. He's fine.)

So far, I have compiled the following equation to express my dream preferences:

AJ Pierzynski > David Aardsma > Kenneth Krueger

Betsy said...

maybe it means you'll meet him (or someone equally as cool) at a pizza place in the future.

Sarah said...

A little late to the comment party here, but he is really cool in person. (Met him when he played for the Red Sox-funny and sarcastic!)
I don't have a baseball spirit guide--I do have a hockey one though: Marcel Goc, now of the Nashville Predators. Don't know when he showed up, but at least now I can understand him in the dream! :)