Monday, March 29, 2010

The crazy long day of baseball.

Game 1: Astros at Pirates:
Every time I go to a Pirates game, I feel like the team is recruiting me to their fandom in the same way colleges recruit blue chip athletes. I think the Pirates recognize the awesome magical powers of my baseball fandom, and they want a piece. Perhaps they view the powerful mojo I bring to the ballpark as the missing component that would make them a viable threat in the NL Central (well, that and consistent pitching I guess). They're extra special nice to me and always give me free things. Today I got 2 free posters, free Cracker Jacks and after infield drills, Delwyn Young called me over to the field and gave me a ball. For no reason. Go Pirates!

I also met some great Pirates fans who quickly became my enablers in the ever constant production of Project Fangirl: Garrett Jones. I loved them.

In a surprising turn of events, the Pirates mopped the floor with the Astros. Which was great. When Garrett hit a homerun (with someone on base even!) there was much shrieking and fist bumping in our newly formed Garrett Jones Fan Club section. Unfortunately the unchecked offensive production meant that the game was loooong. So long, in fact, that I had just enough time to get back to the house, change the camera battery I killed, swap my LaRoche Pirates shirt for a Nick Markakis O's shirt and fly out the door for...

Game 2: Yankees at Orioles:
I viewed this as sort of a Jane Goodall-like experiment to see if I could successfully infiltrate the world of the AL East. Turns out I passed for a die-hard Orioles fan pretty easily tonight. And witty banter with various vendors and attendants sharpened my Yankee-bashing skills just in time for the regular season. I'm really glad the AL East is not my permanent full-time division though. I like my AL Central. We're a lot nicer.

I also happened to be sitting in the same section as the nice folks behind the Goldklang Group's twitter account, and we had a random tweet-up pre-game. Very cool. The Saint Paul Saints and the Ft Myers Miracle are a couple of the Goldklang Group's clients.

On tap for tomorrow, Pirates at Twins in Ft Myers.

Pics from today:

If there's one thing I like more than pitchers's pitchers batting EIGHTH...

...And then getting a hit.

Garrett Jones, pre-home run

I was clearly not the only one with eyes for Jones today.

Octavio Dotel looked really sharp today. Almost back to form just in time!

I never cease to be entertained by Hunter Pence's spindly little chicken legs.

This is what it looks like when Joba is softly throwing a baseball at you. Still kind of intimidating.


Jammer said...

yay I'm glad my pirates didn't let you down! And, believe me, we could use all the baseball fandom that you can spare.

francie said...

DY is great! His walk up music for most of the end of the season was Biz Markie's "Just a Friend." He would have the entire PNC Park singing. And He's cute in a boyish way! When we were at spring training he was in serious mode cuz he wasn't on the team yet. But a grapefruit league tying homerun lead will change that.

Oh, and Hunter Pence is my favorite Astro, despite me hating them. He's cute and yes, he makes tall socks look interesting. Trudi bought me a Pence t for my b-day the wkend we were in Astro land at the end of our spring training heaven wk. He always looks 12. . . no stratch that, he's growing into himself. He now looks 14!

Due to bad weather and tornadoes, we didn't get to venture the 90 minutes south to your Twin's home for the Twins -O-bird's day we had aswome near the dugout seats for. I was ready to be a crazy Twin's fan that night -- damn Florida rain.

Sarah said...

My mom thinks Delwyn is super cute too. She will be pleased.

My Pirates games this spring have just psyched me up more for Garrett Jones Action Figure Day (I am petitioning to make this a national holiday) in May!

PatGLex said...

Hm. Guess I'll have to keep a closer eye on the Pirates this season with you. I'm a fan from the Old Days, Roberto Clemente is My Hero, but when I moved to Minnesota in the 70s I started following the Twins closely and pretty much gave up on the NL since it was So Far Away to see any games.

And, living in Lexington, KY, we see future Astros first, being as we have a single-A Astros farm team in town. I do remember Hunter Pence's name, though I don't specifically remember seeing him play.

Yay for the start of the season!