Monday, February 22, 2010

Random Stuff and the Beer Baseball & Baked Goods Meetup

I hope everyone had a great Pitchers and Catchers Day yesterday. I celebrated with cake. Well, technically it was my aunt's birthday cake, but I pretended that half of it was Pitchers and Catchers Day cake.

And now for a series of random thoughts.

  • With the late reporting date, Pitchers and Catchers Day was a little anti-climactic, since most everyone had gotten to Ft Myers before yesterday anyway. But even the Twins' later-than-average reporting date was not late enough to get Jose Mijares's "visa issues" straightened out. (Just a heads up to Jose: the Twins play in Toronto in July. Be proactive.)
  • Curses to Bill Smith for forcing me to pay attention to what goes on in Red Sox spring training. Here's a story about Boof. Boof had nice things to say about his former Twins teammates...but I guess he won't miss TC that much:
“Good bunch of guys in that clubhouse,’’ Bonser said. “It was one big group. I hope I get to pitch against them in spring training. That would be a lot of fun. Maybe I’ll try and hit the mascot.’’
  • First Ryan Shane Victorino. I feel like there needs to be a support group or something for baseball players who DON'T wear skulls. It's probably pretty lonely for them.
  • If you missed out on the awesome get-together bbq-less bbq we had this summer, have no fear. I'm planning a little blogger/blog-reader/twitter/Twins fan meet-up this spring. On Saturday, March 13th, FSN is airing the Twins/Phillies spring training exhibition game at noon. We're calling it Baseball, Beer and Baked Goods as the idea was originally born as an excuse to get together with Twins-lovin' friends and sample cookies and cupcakes.
    When: March 13th 11:45am til whenever
    Where: Champps in Ritchfield (790 W. 66th Street)
    Who: Everyone's invited. If you're interested, send me a quick email, just so I have a rough headcount to give Champps to make sure we have some seating set aside by a TV.
  • And as long as you're marking things on your calendar, the 3rd Blogs With Balls sports-blog/new media conference is being held in Chicago this summer. It's going to be June 5th, in the Captain Morgan Club inside Wrigley. I think it'd be pretty sweet to have a Twins blogger delegation (especially a female Twins blogger delegation.) I'm making tentative plans to attend. If anyone else is thinking about it, we should coordinate!


Nick N. said...

It's a shame that you've chosen to have your get-together on the same day as the TwinsCentric Viewing Party that's been set up at Majors in Apple Valley on the 13th. You gals should consider moving your meet-up to there, as we'll have an entire section of the restaurant reserved and recipients will be privy to specialized drink/food deals as well as goodies and giveaways.

Emily said...

Yeah, what Nick said. :)

Baseball_Lipgloss said...

Can't wait, chica! I think you should still have the Beer Baseball and Baked Goods event and if it wraps up early maybe we could head to the BFE suburbs of Apple Valley (although we will need the TomTom to make that trek.)

m-bro said...

I get the feeling that Mijares has never really felt like part of the team. There's a language barrier problem, and the Delmon Young incident surely didn't help the situation.
Visa issues? Maybe he's just not feeling the love from his teammates.
Or... maybe the airline won't let him fly because he weighs 500 lbs.
Poor Jose.

Sarah said...

Well, what is actually unfortunate is the fact that the 13th is only weekend spring training game being televised on FSN or ESPN... That is the only reason we picked that day.

I'd like to think that the fanbase is large and diverse enough to support two events. Thanks for the invite, but I think we'll just do our own thing. Selfishly, Apple Valley is a lot longer drive for me than I care to make, and Champps has good waffle fries. I like waffle fries.

I didn't plan this to steal anyone's thunder, I just wanted to hang out with some blogger friends and watch a game, and decided to invite readers and twitter-friends to be nice and inclusive. We all had a great time together last summer being silly and girly and ridiculous.

k-bro said...

I'll be there Sarah! I'm looking forward to seeing you and Jen and everyone else again.

Baked goods...mmm. I'm going to have to put some serious thought into this.

Nick N. said...

Thanks for the invite, but I think we'll just do our own thing.

No worries. Just thought I'd throw out an invite as we'd love to see you guys there. Have fun!