Saturday, February 20, 2010


I was checking out some new Twins gear to prepare for the new season at I noticed that they have a nicer price than for player t-shirts, and I looked to see the list of roster players available for personalization.

They're up-to-date enough to have Hardy 27 shirts and Hudson 1 shirts, but behind in the times enough to have Mahay 37 shirts [Am I the only one who keeps forgetting he was on the team? Because I do. And then I feel bad about it] and Keppel 44 I guess that evens out.

But then I saw that if I wanted, I could buy a Nate "McClouth" 24 t-shirt. I am not sure WHY I would want to do that....but I guess it's nice to have options.

I was curious, and briefly worried that somehow I had fallen WAY out of the loop. So I checked the store, thinking that the extra $7 they charge for the exact same shirts would buy me a little bit more accuracy. Nope. They too are willing to make me a "McClouth 24" Twins shirt if I want one.

It's super weird. And I know it's just a lame computer glitch somewhere, but I don't know what's sadder: that the computers think he's a member of the Minnesota Twins, or that the computers don't know that his name is actually spelled McLouth.

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k-bro said...

Nate McClouth, Matthew LeCroy -- same difference.