Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Links N Things

The title is an awkward homage to Glee. I was re-watching the DVDs and I have the line: "Howard, if you can't fold a fitted sheet, you cannot work at Sheets N Things!" stuck in my head now for some odd reason.

Anyway. Let's have some more bullet points. I feel like I can never have too many bullet points.

  • Hat-tip to Michele for pointing this amazing Craigslist ad out to me on Twitter. I think the author and myself may be kindred on a deeply spiritual level. Reading it definitely made my day. If I had tickets to give, I'd give them to this person for free.

[screenshot in case the link stops working]
  • In other news, Joe Mauer shaved. I'm not kidding. It's really news. It's in headlines and everything. Sadly this means the "Joe Mauer Beard" bump in traffic over at Call to the 'Pen might be over.
  • Further north, in Bradenton, Florida, our good friend Garrett Jones had to switch practice fields after breaking a car window with a home run hit into a nearby parking lot. Garrett Jones can break my car windows with home runs anytime he wants. Although, I am making a mental note of where not to park my rental car at the Pirates games I'll be at this spring.


thetwinsdifference said...

Oh, no. It's still going on. I actually had more traffic yesterday after the shaving news than on Sunday.

Heidi said...

just get the extra rental insurance... you'll be fine.

Sarah said...

Yeah, the extra insurance may be necessity at this rate!

Thankfully, at McKechnie Field the parking is all residential and you can avoid the prime window breaking real estate.

Betsy said...

umm...this ad may be even better: http://minneapolis.craigslist.org/hnp/tix/1616414382.html

Sarah said...

Aww...That IS kinda funny. Except they are selling those tickets at like 10x face value and therefore will almost defintely be going to hell, per Jesus. I'm not sure we could be friends because of that.