Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kinsler Time

As I warned you yesterday, today I am masquerading as a Texas Rangers fan in a shameless effort to worm my way into their Pitchers and Catchers Reporting fun.

And while he is neither a pitcher nor a catcher, this seems like an almost-appropriate occasion for some random unsolicited Ian Kinsler hero worship.

Why not?

Things I like about Ian Kinsler:

I like that Ian Kinsler gets along so well with his teammates.

(Especially because it means more dancing.)

I like that Ian Kinsler has cool hair.

And I like that Ian Kinsler is sort of just all-around adorable all the time. I appreciate that.

The fact that he is also so very good at baseball is just kind of overkill at this point.

Tune in tomorrow, when I celebrate pitchers and catchers reporting as a Rays fan. If you guessed that there might be some unapologetic Jason Bartlett fangirling on the horizon, you wouldn't be wrong.

1 comment:

TD said...

This post made my day! I've bookmarked that video for the days I'm in need of some extra adorableness. Speaking of which, I had no idea just how much adorable is on that Rangers team. So thank you for that!