Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Nick Punto Day, in iambic pentameter. (sort of).

After brief deliberation, I have decided that the most appropriate way for me to celebrate this first Nick Punto Day was to write a Petrarchan (ie Italian...get it?!) Sonnet in his honor. None of that fluffy Shakespearean nonsense for me. No way. Not on Nick Punto Day.

I must admit that I fudged on the iambic pentameter just a smidge. (My sincere apologies to my old English prof Dr. Neuhaus.) But I DID write this sucker in approximately 4 minutes, which should count for something, I think.

So, Happy Nick Punto Day everyone! I'm going to dig out the unicorn barrettes in celebration.

Sonnet #8

In style I celebrate Nick Punto Day

Pen difficult verses for the fellow

Who smells like dreams and looks fab in yellow,

The best piranha who is not a Ray.

Lots of guys hate him, but just let me say:

Adorable, fan-friendly and mellow

Turns many a lady’s knees to Jell-O,

To us, “More Punto” is always okay.

His taste in Eighties music makes me swoon.

Mentally block ALDS Game Three;

And he makes me happy as Fox’s “Glee.”

I’d watch a Li’l Nicky Punto cartoon.

Off-season crazy has set in for me.

Thank the Baseball Gods spring training starts soon.

And if you're looking for a suitable way to celebrate Nick Punto Day with your family, I suggest a read-aloud of How Nick Punto Came To Be. Very festive.


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Cait said...

So is this similar to Rex Manning Day? Because I remember that being a pretty good day. In the end anyway...

NoDak Twins Fan said...

Great job with that...Lots of hard work for Punto Day