Friday, February 19, 2010

"Frankly, this worries me."

So, it is Be a Rays Fan Day today, to celebrate their pitchers and catchers reporting for duty. Naturally, this was a good excuse to think about and reflect how much we still love Jason Bartlett here at Oh, It's Those Girls: Baseball Blog.

That was the plan, anyway...

Until I found a picture of Jason Bartlett wearing a t-shirt from Ryan Braun's clothing line.

Welcome to my tangent:

For pictures of more baseball players wearing the shirts, you can go here and scroll through the pictures. Grady Sizemore actually IS wearing a shirt this time, so that's refreshing. (He is also presumably wearing pants, but I can't say for sure.)

Now, on one side, I have to hand it to Braun for thinking like an entrepreneur and skipping the middle man. I have to imagine the brainstorming process went a little something like "Why are we, as professional athletes and C-list celebrities, giving all of our money to Christian Audigier for gaudy over-priced Ed Hardy t-shirts?! We can make loud clothing with skulls and too much foil all by ourselves, dammit!"

On the OTHER hand, seeing the pics really makes me want to get Tim Gunn and Ryan Braun in a room together for a quick lecture about "using an editing eye." And maybe Tim could toss in a friendly "frankly, this worries me," for good measure.

J.J. Hardy is sporting the look too. But I'm choosing to believe it was more of a "I'm a good friend and teammate" thing than a "I genuinely love this shirt and wear it around the house all the time" thing. (Like how I always buy things I don't want at Pampered Chef parties. Sometimes you have to buy/wear stuff you don't like to keep your friends happy. It's part of the social contract.) Because in my reality, J.J. Hardy dresses like Dean Winchester on Supernatural, and I refuse to believe any differently now.

In fairness to Ryan Braun, the clothes aren't AWFUL, they're just sort of derivative. And really, really LOUD. And shiny. Dear lord are they shiny.... sum up: Happy Pitchers and Catchers Report day to the Rays fans, and I think loud shiny menswear is kind of silly. The End.


Jessica said...

Ugh, this is why it works so much better for me if players just wear their uniforms everywhere.

Sarah said...

The saddest part is that it's a really good Jason Bartlett pic, minus the shirt.

Heidi said...

Ryan Braun must be stopped!

Ronda said...

OMG I love your blog so much. You apparantly love the Twins, Project Runway, and Dean Winchester as much as I do.
Maybe we should get matching t-shirts so we could identify each other at TARGET FIELD!!! WOOT!

Sarah said...

Rock on Ronda! Let's be friends!

I have some serious addictions to all of the above. Maybe we could wear these shirts?