Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Obligatory Thome Post

I would be remiss without at least mentioning Jim Thome.

For the record, I was neither disappointed nor excited about the news of his 1 year contract with the Twins.

I like the fact that his addition to the line-up only increases the odds that opposing middle-of-the-rotation right-handed pitchers will wake up in a cold sweat the night before they face us. I also like the symmetry of The Nicest Guy In Baseball playing for the nicest team in the American League. And I like that I don't have to feel guilty for hating the Nicest Guy In Baseball anymore.

As long as someone has to fill the quota for the Twins' obsessive-compulsive Annual Aging Veteran Free-Agent Signing, we could have done a lot worse than Jim Thome.

That said, I will postpone any plans for a celebratory parade honoring his arrival until he blasts one out of the park in a game against the White Sox.

I think that's fair.

Unfortunately, there is ONE teeny tiny problem with bringing Thome to Minnesota. When Those Girls are physically present at games, Thome never hits anything. I'm not exaggerating. I don't believe we have ever, EVER, witnessed Jim Thome get a hit when we have attended games together....and we've seen Thome plenty. We very much enjoyed calling him The Designated Misser on those occasions. We have long considered ourselves to be his own personal jinx. (And yes, don't think we didn't kick ourselves repeatedly for not making an emergency last minute trip to Chicago for Game 163 in '08.)

It's always been a good thing when he played against us. Now that he's playing for us, it's slightly worrisome.

Note to self: Will do some serious wikipedia research on jinx-reversal techniques before Spring Training.


k-bro said...

I think the fact that he will be wearing a much more attractive uniform is a step in the right direction.

Other than that, the only jinx-removing thing I can think of has to be some kind of food. You'll have to find something new at Target Field and try its luck. I forsee many trips to TF in your future.

Bryz said...

You and I almost labeled our posts by the exact same name...the only difference is that you omitted Sir Thome's first name from your title.

I suggest walking under as many ladders and breaking as many mirrors as possible to show the Jinx Gods that you are not afraid of being jinxed.

Bryz said...

Or just turn on the Target Field fans when Thome bats.

Wait, will Target Field have fans?

TwinsGoddess said...

Well then, as a service to your team and your fellow fans, clearly you must not attend any games this year.

Personally, I have harbored a super secret crush on Jim Thome for years, and am thrilled that he is now a Twin!

Jeremiah said...

Yes, Target Field itself will have fans.

I don't think any "superstitious" things that have nothing to do with baseball will help here. First, it remains to be seen whether you were a jinx because he was on the opposite team or because you were in the same place.

If it ends up being that you are his personal jinx regardless of team, the possible remedy might be Nick Swisher type love... or Thome jerseys. It's amazing what the Baseball Gods forgive when you give them money.

Roger said...

I think Jeremiah is on to something. You need to buy a Thome WHITE SOX jersey and wear it to every game.

Sarah said...

Never going to games to keep from jinxing a pinch hitter just isn't going to happen. I mean, I want Thome to do well, but that's out of the question.

As for a Thome jersey....I just don't think I'm there yet.

I'm actually starting to think the onus for unjinxing himself lies with Thome. If he can live with never hitting anything, so can I.