Friday, January 8, 2010

The Dream Team

Whenever Those Girls drive together to baseball games, the same few topics of conversation generally pop up...things like "how awesome we are," and "why has no one invented a teleportation device yet?!" And sometimes we play this weird game we like to call "Mango Island," which is something so ridiculous we would never even dream of trying to explain to anyone else.

We like routine.

One of the conversations that comes up most frequently is "What if we had our OWN baseball team..." In the event we ever both win the lottery multiple times and can afford a baseball team, we already have a lot of great ideas. Like having a section of the ballpark that is Wave/Beachball free. (You would also have to pass a rudimentary baseball knowledge test in order to gain admittance to that section.)

To get to the sort-of point of this rambling story, the other day I was reading about how 14 teams had requested pitcher Noah Lowry's health records. This news made me happy. I'm quite fond of Mr. Lowry and I have missed him during his time of extended brokenness. And then thought popped into my head that if I had my OWN baseball team, there would actually be 15 teams interested in Noah Lowry.

Which naturally led me to daydream about what other players might be on that imaginary team, really for no other reason than that I get bored easily and this seemed like more fun than being productive.

So, this is the 25-man roster I came up with. I heart it a LOT, and I wish it actually existed in this plane of reality. For the purposes of this whackadoodle daydream, this team is in the National League and has no DH. Sorry in advance to the pretend pitchers :)

1B--Garrett Jones
2B--Ian Kinsler
SS--Jason Bartlett
3B--Brian Buscher
LF--Jacoby Ellsbury
CF--Andrew McCutchen
RF--Michael Cuddyer
C--AJ Pierzynski

SP--Zack Greinke
SP--Scott Baker
SP--Nick Blackburn
SP--Kevin Slowey
SP--Noah Lowry

RP--Boof Bonser
RP--Matt Guerrier
RP--Boone Logan
RP--Craig Breslow
RP--Neftali Feliz
RP--CJ Wilson
RP--Joe Nathan

Nick Punto
Matt Tolbert
Trevor Plouffe
Carlos Gomez
Mike Redmond

I can't decide if I want to call the pretend team the Crocodiles or the Pronto Pups. But I do know that our pretend home uniforms would look an awful lot like the KC Royals' light blue uniforms...

....And that our pretend ballpark would have both waffle fries in mini-helmets and a giant "Mix Your Own Slushies" bar.


Sar said...

Ha! My roommate and I totally have done this. I tend to love a LOT of pitchers though, so I usually end up with a team full of pitchers and only a few other positions.

Anonymous said...

I know this must just be a slight overlooking of the obvious... your ballpark will have a reserve spot on its plaza for the Cotton Candy Milkshake Man's consession wagon, yes?


luckie/sarah said...

Well, Slowey and Lowry are pretty good with a bat...that should help a bit. :)

Sarah said...

I'm actually toying with the idea of making Cotton Candy Milkshake consumption compulsory.

AnnaM said...

No Neshek? I heart him and his funky delivery, and I can't wait for him to come back.

Word Verification:
mististi: the way someone with a lisp pronounces "misty"

Heidi said...

that team would be both awesome and adorable! my only objection would be to aj pierzynski, but hey, its your team... you can choose whoever you like. I think the cotton candy milkshake man should walk around the stadium with a milkshake machine on his back. They have margarita machines like that, so why not cotton candy milkshakes?

Sarah said...

Yeah, I know AJ is a questionable choice to most folks. But I am just NOT a Mauer fangirl.

And I've loved AJ forever. Through thick and thin, through Giants and ChiSox jerseys, through bleach and on-field douchiness. It's a hard habit to break, I guess.

Thanks for understanding!

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JS said...

We play a game in my car called 'Donkey Balls', which is very, very simple.

I would love to learn how to play 'Mango Island'.