Friday, December 11, 2009

Today's Whackadoodle Theory

Today's Whackadoodle Theory:

Boof Bonser was forced to leave the Twins because the addition of Jon Rauch last season threw the team's "number of players to number of tattoos" ratio way off balance.

It's as good a theory as any, I think.

Also, my last two long-term baseball boyfriends wore jersey #26. I've grown kind of fond of and loyal to the number. Please, whoever takes it next, PLEASE be awesome and adorable. I am begging you.

I feel like post-Drew Barrymore-break-up Jimmy Fallon in Fever Pitch. But I can't actually watch Fever Pitch, because all the Red Sox stuff makes me even sadder.

I'm sorry for fixating. I really am. But if anyone didn't see this clearly haven't been paying attention. I've been trying to emotionally prepare myself for this possibility since 2007. Clearly it did not help.


Anonymous said...

My condolences for your Booflessness.

It is likely way too soon for you to consider a replacement. But for future reference, may I suggest Brian Duensing. He has demonstrated (notably in September) great potential for awesome-ness. And you cannot deny the adorable-ness of those puppy-dog eyes and relatively diminutive stature, especially when he tries to look all fierce and serious.

And...his jersey number is 52, which is 26 twice. That's a sign of some sort, isn't it?

Hey I'm just trying to help. Hang in there.

Sarah said...


Of course I love Brian. Adorable + Good at Baseball.

But I think that if the Twins really wanted to make it up to me (which they obviously DON'T because they hate me and want me to be sad), they might consider saving a bench spot for Trevor Plouffe.