Friday, December 18, 2009

Things to listen to

As requested, here's a link to the interview Joe Mauer did for's Fantasy Focus Football podcast this week. His portion is near the end of the show.

I don't usually go out of my way to listen to Joe Mauer interviews...because while he is tops when it comes to playing baseball, I really don't want to rely on him for witty banter or sparkling conversation. But I listen to this particular podcast daily anyway. And it does manage to be more entertaining than most Mauer interviews. It's worth a listen just for his comments about playing fantasy football with Lewwwww Ford, and his in-depth and unintentionally hilarious analysis of the difference between Brian Duensing and Nick Blackburn ("Nick is right-handed.")

And while you're checking out new things to listen to, allow me to make a shameless plug for my friends Erica and Melissa at the GameOn Podcast presented by It's a sports talk podcast specifically for women (and men who appreciate that women also love sports), so if you're reading this, you're pretty much the target market.

The show is fabulous every week, but this week's show is especially good. Give it a listen, and I promise you'll like it.


writerjoel said...

Someone needs to make a bunch of Boof on a stick pictures and you gals should have a Boof day at Target Field.

Five hot dog minimum.

TD said...

Well, took your advice and listened to the GameOn podcast. Loved it! Thanks for getting me hooked!


Sarah said...

I'm glad you like the podcast, TD!

The best part of being a new listener is that you can go back and download all the old episodes too. They've had a lot of really great guests.