Tuesday, December 29, 2009

"Now is the Winter of My Discontent." (Or, "Baseball-lessness Sucks")

Yesterday I got the Twins postcard reminding me that spring training tickets go on sale Jan. 16th.

I still can't decide if I should take it as a hopeful happy reminder that winter won't last forever, or if I should take it as a cruel painful reminder that it is very cold outside right now and baseball is still a long ways away.

Since it IS so cold out, and scraping my windshield always makes me cranky, the smart money is on the latter option.

All I know is that Christmas is done, fantasy football is over, everything is a lot less jolly, and I need some baseball, dammit.

This is the time of year I seriously start to wonder if I can actually survive another 2 months in a pitiful state of un-baseball. I don't know about you all, but I tend to get a little twitchy right about now.

I'm a couple days late posting a link to this (I blame Santa), but to help tide us all over in these desperate times of baseball-lessness, I did a fun little blogger Q & A with Jesse Spector of NYDailyNews.com the other day.

In case you are dying to know what it would be like if I were the Twins GM for a day...

[Spoiler Alert: If you guessed "Awesome," you are correct.]

[..."Professionally Choreographed" is also an acceptable answer]

...amongst other Twins-centric things about me, that is the place to find out. Go check it out.


Mh said...

SPRING TRAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tricia said...

Baseball-lessness DOES suck. I'm wearing my "the offseason sucks" t-shirt to prove it. TwinsFest is just a month away...that's always a good offseason diversion.

TD said...

GREAT QnA! You are one funny lady and a joy to read.

Heidi said...

awesome q&a! I totally agree with the baseball-lessness sucking! I was in Minnesota for Chrismtas and watched a lot of old twins suff on on FSN and took pictures of Justin Morneau's supposed house and contemplated breaking in to use the hot tub. But then decided against it because in the off chance I ran into Justin Morneau, I didn't want my first impression to be made soaking wet and in a bathing suit. Life without baseball makes me think about doing irrational things.