Tuesday, December 8, 2009

No Joy in Mudville.

I received many condolence twitter tweets and text messages today, after the news about Boof Bonser being designated for assignment broke.

And yes, I am heartbroken. And I am cranky. I heard the news while I was at work, so I could not throw the tantrum that I so desperately wanted to throw. (Which is maybe a good thing. I have a lot of breakables in my house.)

I am proud that when people in this little corner of the Twins blogosphere think of Boof Bonser, they also think of me. I think this means that I have done my part to publicly support and cheer on my baseball boyfriend through thick and thin, to the very best of my ability.

And in return, Boof has been the very best baseball boyfriend I could ask for.

The fact that Boof was cut to make room on the roster for Carl Pavano is a little like having salt rubbed in the wound that Bill Smith has torn into my heart.

And the first person who tries to say anything rational or reasonable to ME about this being a good move is going to get popped right in the nose. You have been warned. I am not feeling reasonable or rational right now. This is my blog, and my own personal heartbreak...it is not up for debate. And my love of Boof has always surpassed reason anyway.

In the past few weeks, Those Girls have lost players we have been particularly and specifically fond of: Carlos Gomez, Brian Buscher, Mike Redmond and Boof Bonser. And before that, Jason Bartlett, Garrett Jones, Brian Bass (that one is ALL Casey...I'm taking no credit for that), Bobby Korecky, and Craig Breslow.

With the possible exceptions of Carlos Gomez and Jason Bartlett, there were times when we cheered really loudly for those guys, and it was clear that we were the ONLY people cheering loudly. Which only made us cheer louder and more enthusiastically. And when Bill Smith systematically tore each of them away from us, it broke our hearts, repeatedly and painfully.

And since I'm in an irrational mood, I will say that it really feels at this point like Bill Smith is targeting us personally. In fact, I think that if Bill Smith had to put down on paper his management strategy since he took the reins, it would look something like this:

"I hate Those Girls and I want them to be sad."

Mission accomplished, Bill. We are sad. We are very sad. You must be doing a happy dance right about now.

I am just not going to have a Twins Baseball Boyfriend anymore. I decided that today. Bill Smith is not going to have my heart to kick around anymore.

But I am publicly declaring a deep undying love for Carl Pavano right now. Take that for what it's worth.


Jeremiah said...

Yeah... I totally don't understand the Twins love for Pavano. He goes 5-4 with a 4.62 ERA and he's one of the best pitchers we have? Didn't Blackburn kick his ass in ERA? Oh well. I'm gonna miss the Boof. Both the man and the sound effect. I was hoping to break-in the new stadium sound system with a Boof strike-out *BOOF!* but no...

k-bro said...

The news was pretty much a punch in the gut. And DFAing is so undignified; Boof deserves better.

I hope, for his sake, that he lands with a cool team and has a whale of a year.

Heidi said...

I live in Indiana, granted, not close to Indianapolis, but had I known this tragedy was going to take place, I would have crashed the winter meetings to stop it. Now I'm sad.

nelle said...

My first thoughts in seeing the news was "Poor Boof" followed very closely by "Poor Those Girls" :(

Sar said...

Apparently Boof was offered a one year contract but turned it down. Still sucks losing a baseball boyfriend though, I went through it a few weeks ago when we traded Gomez :(

Sarah said...

LaVelle's Boof contract news changes nothing for me. Especially since we don't know what the contract was exactly.

I don't blame Boof. I hope he goes some place where they love him like I do and people aren't so mean to him.

Sar said...

Yes, I hope the best for him as well

theBrooklynTrolleyBlogger said...

In a random act of blog reading, I stumbled upon THOSE Girls and chose this post. I'm glad I did.