Thursday, December 3, 2009

Frequently Googled Again: Blasts from the Past Edition

I think it's that time again. Time to answer some of the burning questions (and odd phrases) people google, only to find themselves here. I chose a few that seemed interesting, mainly because they were NOT "Joe Mauer," "Mauer," or "Nick Swisher shirtless."

"Bubba ODonnell": Bubba O'Donnell is a RHP. I remember him as the awesomely mohawked closer for the Madison Mallards in the Northwoods League a couple years ago. He got drafted by the Cubs, but was released sometime last spring. I haven't heard anything about him since, and it makes me sad inside. He does have a MySpace page which hasn't been updated since MySpace was still marginally cool, but there are some pictures. Enjoy!

"Baseball Stupidest Trades": Perhaps I'm just still feeling a little bit bitter, but I think this is what you may be looking for.

"Yankees Sayings TShirts": Hmm. I don't actually keep a lot of those around the house, oddly enough. But here's a good one...

You can buy your very own shirt here.

"What is face fungus?": An excellent question. I'm no dermatologist, but when you look in the mirror and see something that looks like this...

Or this...

...You should probably see a qualified medical professional.

"Spooky Milk Brendan Harris Girlfriend"
: Sorry. I try very hard to find people the answers that they're looking for, but I just have no earthly idea what this even means. Good luck finding out, though!

"Jason Pridie Sex?": Um. Wow. Well, to answer the question..Jason Pridie is a male. Thanks for playing.


Sarah said... that case, I don't WANT to know any more about it.


**plugs her ears and runs off to play innocently with her Dress Me Up Brendan paper doll**

Sar said...

Compromising videos of Brendan Harris, eh? Jeesh, who's next? BTW, that Yankees shirt is kind of amazing.

TD said...

Y'know, I think Mauer is in danger of becoming (or already is) the new Moo Cow.

Here's hoping another story time is in the works *crosses fingers AND toes AND eyes*

I miss baseball.