Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Day 2 of Booflessness

Day 2:

Dear Journal,

I am still sad.

And I am not just a little bit sad. I am "Boof with a Bad Haircut" sad.

I am going to go chew on a towel now.


Evelyne said...

From La Velle at the Star Trib:
"Update: I forgot to mention that the Twins tried to sign Boof Bonser to a one-year deal in recent weeks but were rebuffed. If he had signed, he probably wouldn’t have been desginated for assignment on Tuesday. It was risky for Bonser, who is coming off of shoulder surgery to turn down a deal. Now, he’s expected to become a free agent on Saturday when the Twins release him."

Sarah said...

Yes, I know.

Changes nothing for me.